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Media praise for Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One

"Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-On-One may be one of the most interesting training systems I have ever seen. It is a straightforward, step-by-step guide to the features and functions of Photoshop. It has many real-world projects, insider tips as well as covering the new features in CS2 such as Adobe Bridge. Add to that, it has the entertaining teaching style that has made McClelland a legendary trainer in the Photoshop world."
-- T. Michael Testi,

"As a Photoshop author, I hate picking up a book and learning things I didn't already know. But Deke's done it to me again! If you want to learn Photoshop CS2 from the ground up, look no further."
-- Scott Kelby, President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

"The book is arranged into 12 logically ordered lessons, allowing the more experienced user to skip what it not needed and to hop ahead to new things to learn...[and] the easy to use enclosed CD makes the lessons vibrant and interesting...Of course, you won’t learn all you need to know about Photoshop in this book or any other, but the hands-on experience available in this book is just what I needed to learn."
-- Michelle LaRock,

"The step by step learning process is clear and easy to follow and includes the "why" as well as the "how." That helps readers retain knowledge and apply the techniques to other images. The "pearl of wisdom" explanations and sidebars with shortcuts and other useful information are also helpful. The many illustrations and screen shots appeal to visual learners and help ensure that the new learning sticks in your head. One-on-One isn't just a book -- it's 12 training classes with DVD video lessons by a very good teacher; it is also a well illustrated text book and reference book once the lessons are done. It's ideal for beginning and intermediate users of Photoshop, but there is useful material for those who have been at it awhile, too. It's not a book you can absorb all at once but if you work your way through it, just as you would work through a course of Photoshop classes, I dare say you'll get your money's worth."
-- Jerrianne Lowther, Alaskan Apple Users Group

"Too many of these type of books show you a lot of really cool things you
can do with Photoshop, most of them have no real practical value in the day
to day real world. However cool they are, you will probably seldom, if ever
use them. One-on-One teaches you what you really need to know to get the job

Tom Vollick/Amazon

"Check out this book: Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One. It comes with
training CD as well. Scott Kelby's book can get quite annoying with his
corny jokes. Martin Evening's book is too dry."

"Without a doubt I would recommend his book unequivocally for anyone who has an interest in digital photography. It has tips for the seasoned veteran, and the newbie like me. Better still, it got me fired up about digital photography. I never realized what all you could do. So pick up a copy, and pretty soon you will be posting your mash-ups on Worth1000."

Jeff Tolle/Amazon

“As a Photoshop author, I hate picking up a book and learning things I didn’t already know. But Deke’s done it to me again! If you want to learn Photoshop CS2 from the ground up, look no further.”
—Scott Kelby
President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

“Any book from Deke is always an asset to a professional’s library. To a hobbyist, its a must!”
—Bert Monroy
artist, Photoshop author, 2004 inductee of The Photoshop Hall of Fame

“Deke will entertain you as much as teach you in this book (you might even laugh out loud!). If you are looking to learn Photoshop CS2 from the master, get this book!”
—Tim Grey
author of Photoshop CS2 Workflow

“What an awesome way to get deep inside Photoshop CS2: with lessons and techniques that are easy to follow and bring a new insight! Thanks Deke, for the pearls of wisdom and wonderfully illustrated lessons and references. This book helps us develop techniques to bring image quality to a new level. A great source of learning, one on one!”
—Eddie Tapp, M.Photog.,Cr.,MEI,API,CPP
imaging and workflow consultant, educator, photographer, author

“Once again Deke pushes Photoshop training to the next level. His new book is a giant leap forward in the evolution of teaching Photoshop in easy-to-learn and understandable steps. Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One is the next generation of how to learn Photoshop!”
—Kevin Ames
photographer, autho

Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-on-One provides more bang-for-the-buck than any Photoshop book I’ve seen. With the very readable full-color pages and the incredible video training, Deke gives you a multi-media package, rather than just a Photoshop book. Informative and entertaining, instructional and engaging, One-on-One is appropriate both for self-study and classroom use. It’s the fundamentals of Photoshop taught by one of the most accomplished Photoshop instructors of all time!”
—Pete Bauer
Photoshop author, Help Desk Director, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

“With his One-on-One series, Deke McClelland has created what might just be the best all-around way to learn Photoshop. The combination of video material, which is created specifically for the book, along with the project-based lessons in each chapter, is unbeatably effective. Highly recommended!”
—Colin Smith
author of 11 books on Photoshop, including How To Do Everything with Photoshop CS2
proprietor of
creator of Photoshop training materials at

"As a Photoshop author, I hate picking up a book and learning things I didn't already know. But Deke's done it to me again! If you want to learn Photoshop CS2 from the ground up, look no further."
--Scott Kelby, President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals