Media praise for FileMaker Pro 10: The Missing Manual

"The writing style is relaxed and comfortable...I really like how each topic starts from the very basics so that a reasonably experienced person who has not done that particular thing before gets the necessary foundation...this book is a good way to learn FileMaker. "
-- Tom Weaver, CapMac Offline, March 2009 Newsletter

"My reading suggests, that all levels of users - beginner to expert - will benefit from the many Tips & Tricks included in the 832 pages."
-- Paul Pazdera, ApplesBC Computer Society

"This book explains well from the beginning to the finished product. "
-- Sally Donaldson, AAUG Member, Alaskan Apple Users Group Blog

"Like most of the Missing Manual books, this one is both an introduction and a handbook, and if you use the program – or are thinking of using the program – you’ll want the book. It’s also a fairly passable introduction to the whole subject of data bases including some non-obvious information on what they’re for and some of their limits. "
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, The User's Column, February 2010, Column 355