Media praise for CSS Cookbook

"The CSS Cookbook is a hefty tome, but it is both thorough and easy to read, making it a comprehensive guide to writing Cascading Style Sheets for beginning to intermediate coders. Schmitt has an engaging and encouraging style that will push anyone interested in using CSS to try the exercises and examples without fear of failure. The content is flexible in that you can choose to integrate CSS into your websites completely, or pick and choose from smaller packets of code."
-- Angela Tate, San Francisco Book Review

"A 'must' for any CSS or web programmer's collection. "
-- James A. Cox, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"Without a doubt, this book belongs in your library if you layout even the most simple site using CSS."
-- Erik Vlietinck, IT Enquirer

"Most of the things you are likely to need to do in your web page including a number of more advanced tasks that probably will not be needed very often can all be found in this book. Not only is all the necessary code included but there are also explanations of why it is coded the way it is and the problems that can arise if you don't do it that way."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall

"A useful and comprehensive reference for web coders of all stripes."
-- Barbara Jungwirth, Technical Communication, Volume 58, Number 4, November 2011