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Media praise for Beautiful Data

"Beautiful Data proves to be quite the cover-to-cover page turner for anyone involved in building interfaces for data or the statistician at a loss for the best way to intuitively and effectively relay knowledge when given voluminous amounts of raw data...each chapter revealed a data repository or tool I had no idea existed. I felt like a child with an attention deficit disorder trying my hand at nearly everything...A worthwhile book if you work with data — whether you be a consumer or producer."
-- eldavojohn,

"While the book is indeed beautiful, it more importantly provides a set of carefully described case studies in all phases of the data capture, processing,analysis, communication and visualization life cycle. "
-- Ira Laefsky,

"This book was, to me, truly extraordinary and truly entertaining. I read it in pieces over the course of a few weeks, and it was lovely to take in one story – one angle on data problems or applications – and muse on it on and off until I had a few minutes to read the next. It’s a book that lends itself to piecemeal reading, jumping around, and rereading at will. And it’s one I recommend not just to IT pros, but to everyone. "
-- Jennifer McCown, SQLServerPedia

"Reading this book isn't like reading an IT textbook. It's like reading an adventure story that wows you with each chapter. I bet you'll be so amazed by some of the stories here that you'll share them with colleagues. It's that interesting."
-- Todd R. Weiss, ComputerWorld

"A worthwhile book if you work with data — whether you be a consumer or producer."