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Media praise for Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript

"A great introduction to the technologies at the basis of the Web and Web 2.0. Easy and reader-friendly, you will both enjoy this book and learn from it."
-- Pascal Borghino, Database Architect for Yahoo! Inc

"The book provides more than just an introduction to key web-application technologies. Through many well-explained examples, it gives the beginning designer the ability to create a secure and maintainable site -- both front-end and back-end."
-- Alan Solis, Web application Designer with 25 years experience in software

"Finally a comprehensive resource for HTML users who want to move to the next level, and implement data-driven access to their websites. The author provides clear instructions for applying PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript to make data dynamically available to site visitors and allow for meaningful user interaction."
-- Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing