Media praise for JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook

"I confess to being in the early stages of sophisticated web page development. Having made this confession, I have to say that Danny Goodman has done a stellar job revising and updating this book. He has written a cookbook that can appeal to web developers at all levels, even mine. His approaches to each of the 150 or so recipes for successful debugging/fixing are both rich and straightforward."
-- John R. Clark, TCM Reviews

"JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, 2nd edition offers easily-digested solutions to specific scripting problems in Java, making it a 'must' for any library already strong in Java programming references...An outstanding reference addition."
-- James Cox, The California Bookwatch

"I like the cookbook style because it provides an on going resource for future coding projects. The book is useful right away and will be in the future when I am ready to try the more ad-vanced projects."
-- Bob Grant, Manatee Computer News, June 2009, Volume 23, Issue 6