Media praise for MySQL in a Nutshell

"If MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database, then MySQL in a Nutshell (2nd ed.) by Russell J. T. Dyer is the Encyclopedia Britannica of MySQL. "
-- Douglas Vos, Vos Virtual Network

"I think that this is an excellent book that will aid anyone who interacts with MySQL on a regular basis. There is no fluff, no cuteness and no attempt to do anything beyond providing quick access to key information. The book hits that sweet spot between providing too much or not enough. It does not try to be everything to everyone as I mentioned. It will not do all the lifting necessary to get someone who does not even know what an rdbms is to where they will need to be in order to make good use of this book. It does not dive deep on internals or more advanced topics. But what it covers in that wide middle, it covers very well."
-- JR Peck,

"All up, this is an excellent improvement on the First Edition. It polishes where the first was already good and noticably improves on those areas that the first let down."
-- Pamela Jones, Groklaw