Media praise for Dojo: The Definitive Guide

"Not only has Matthew done an outstanding job documenting and explaining the Dojo Toolkit in great and understandable detail in this book, he's made the Dojo toolkit better through his authoring process by asking hard questions when things did not work the way they should. His suggestions have improved Dojo, and this book lives up to its billing as the Definitive Guide for Dojo."
-- Dylan Schiemann, CEO of SitePen, and Co-founder, Dojo Toolkit

"Any computer library strong in web development will find Dojo: The Definitive Guide an excellent introduction which covers all 1.x versions and offers plenty of examples and tested code sets. From customizing Dojo to overseeing developers using Dojo in larger settings, this offers the programmer/manager a set of keys to working efficiently with Dojo to produce superior layouts and web applications."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review - California Bookwatch

"Readers often expect an advanced level of technical description and thoroughness from O’Reilly, and Dojo: The Definitive Guide meets this description."
-- Kyle Jones, The Tech Static