Media praise for Your Brain: The Missing Manual

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
-- Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post

"MacDonald’s writing style is perfect for this kind of guide. It remains educational without becoming overly technical or using unexplained jargon. And even though the book covers a broad scope of topics, MacDonald keeps it well organized and easy to follow. The book captures your attention with fun facts and interesting studies that any person could apply to their own understanding of human ability. It has great descriptions of the brain and its interconnected parts, as well as providing full color pictures and diagrams to offer a better explanation of what the author is talking about."
-- Janica Unruh, Blogcritics Magazine

"It's rare to find a book on any technical subject that is as well written and readable as Your Brain: The Missing Manual. The book covers pretty much anything you may want to know about your brain, from what makes it up, through how it develops to how to mitigate the affects of aging. The book is easy reading, fact packed and highlighted notes and practical applications. So if you want to learn more about your brain, how it works, how to get the best out of it or just want to stave off the ravages of Alzheimers (see chapter ten for details of how learning helps maintain your brain) then I can't recommend this book highly enough."
-- Neil Davis,

"I have reviewed quite a number of Missing Manual books and I am always impressed with them. David Pogue is a Mac master and the depth of his knowledge shines through."
-- Roger Bernau, ACT Apple User Group Incorporated

"[Your Brain: The Missing Manual is a] useful discussion of the brain & its role in development & behavior..."
-- Marty Winston, Newstips Bulletin

"As the back cover stated, MacDonald really did write this book to be part roadmap and part activity guide. Learning how your (well, everyone's) brain works lays the groundwork for understanding how to improve (or screw up) your brain's functioning. After all, most people want to learn to be smarter and not dumber (unless Beavis and Butthead are your role models), so naturally, you'll gravitate towards information that will lead to the former."
-- James Pyles, CertForums

"No matter how much your brain intrigues you, you'll find interesting information here. The book not only explains, but also includes tips to help you keep your brain working best: what to eat, how to improve your memory, and tips on creative thinking. As this book is written for everyone, you don't need to know anything about your brain to understand it, and you'll certainly come away from it with more knowledge about your most vital organ."
-- Kirk McElhearn, Angioma Alliance

"I love any book on proven ways to better use my brain. This one is a delightful, insightful, surprising look at how your mind works, as well as how to out smart it for better results."
-- Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Vitale at Zero

"In Your Brain: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald, you'll gain some level of understanding about how the brain works, what makes it tick, and how you can manipulate it to work better. Even better, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to understand it all...The thing I appreciate most about the Missing Manual series is the way they are designed to be readable for a "normal" person...If you're at all interested about your mind, or if you're simply curious about how such things as optical illusions work, this would be a great book to read."
-- Thomas Duff,

"MacDonald has created a decent series of Reader's Digest level articles in this book. They are easy to read, pass the time, and may provide some news or tips if you've never studied or thought about the topics."
-- Robert M. Slade, Internet Review Project

"I feel that this book is worth getting for anyone interested in the brain or improving and understanding daily interactions...This book is an easy read and is packed with informative illustrations that make concepts easier to understand. "
-- Andy Zhu,

"Lots of information, suggestions, puzzles and even some party tricks. If you can't figure out how to use your brain after reading this guide, you may want to return your brain for another."
-- The Sacramento Book Review, Volume 1, Issue 2, Page 19

"...a unique guide that should be sought after by any who want to maximize what they can accomplish with their mental abilities and resources."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review - Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Although a few examples relate directly to knowledge work or computers in general, connecting the book’s topics to the process of setting up a new database environment or troubleshooting a server problem is straightforward. Overall, this book is an informative, enjoyable read."
-- James Mohr, Linux Pro Magazine

"Popular books on the brain are often minefields of attractive but inaccurate information. This one manages to avoid most of the hype and easy faulty generalizations while providing easy to read and digest information about the brain. It has useful tricks without the breathless hype of many popular books."
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;login: The Usenix Magazine

"Overall, this book is an informative, enjoyable read. "
-- Linux Magazine, December 2008

"It's rare to find a book on any technical subject that is as well written and readable as Your Brain: The Missing Manual...So if you want to learn more about your brain, how it works, how to get the best out of it or just want to stave off the ravages of Alzheimers then I can't recommend this book highly enough."
--Neil Davis,