Media praise for Learning SQL

"Learning SQL is the perfect starting place for anyone new to the lingua franca of databases, the Structured Query Language. You will appreciate the easy reading format and clear, effective examples that bring SQL to life. The coverage is just right for beginners and those with intermediate computer skills. All of the important topics are covered in easily digested chapters with just the right balance of simplicity and complexity. Early chapters teach you the basics of SQL quickly, while later chapters dive deeper into more sophisticated techniques, all the while retaining the book's conversational tone and thorough coverage of each topic. If you're looking for a good introductory to intermediate SQL book, then you should definitely add Learning SQL to your library."
-- Kevin Kline, Technical Strategy Manager of Quest Software, Founding Board Member of the Prof. Assoc. for SQL Server, Author of SQL in a Nutshell

"If a person is looking to become a database administrator, or just needs to get up to speed on the basics with some understanding of what they are doing and why, this is an excellent place to start. "
-- Matthew Helmke,

"A 'must' for any SQL programmer."
-- Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

" interesting and reader-friendly book on SQL that presents a lot of topics in a summarized and direct way. The explanations are clear and are illustrated through examples based on a specific bank database schema used in the book...This book would be particularly relevant for anyone who needs to brush up on his or her knowledge of SQL, or start learning the language."
-- Sergio Ilarri, Computing Reviews