Media praise for Ruby Best Practices

"RBP is very rich with ideas and perspectives and examples but there are also a lot of simple takeaways that will stick with me as long as I write code in Ruby...You should check it out, read it in your user group or dev team and discuss it. I really think we need more of these type of practical best practices books and blogs and case-studies and discussions and I am glad for the appearance of this book."
-- Dylan Clendenin, Deep Thawtz

"Given my experience and goals, Ruby Best Practices was a perfect read...Not only are Brown’s examples excellent, but they are plentiful. Nearly every new idea he introduces is demonstrated through a case study of real (or plausibly real) code. Working through this book will definitely sharpen your code-reading skills. Beyond simply being clear, Brown’s writing is also fun to read. His enthusiasm for the subject matter is obvious...and leads to a technical book that I’m tempted to call a page-turner. "
-- Ben Orenstein, Codeulate.

"If you are an intermediate-to-expert Ruby programmer you should absolutely read this book...Tips, tricks and suggestions abound. Even expert-level Rubyists should learn something. RBP left me wanting more of Gregory’s teaching. He really does a good job of explaining concepts and walking through code. Thankfully, he started up a Ruby Best Practices blog with more content!"
-- Jerod Santo, blogt0ski1

"Overall, I was highly satisfied with the book and would advise any intermediate Ruby programmer take a closer look at what Ruby Best Practices has to offer."
-- Mike Riley, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk