Media praise for ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook

"You won't be surprised with this book... it is up to par with the other resource rich Cookbooks we know and love from O'Reilly. "
-- James R. Hicks, Amazon review

"The book is focused on solution to a specfic problem and specfic task. Also the solutions covered are very well explained with good examples. This book is not a Actionscript Programming Guide. E4X support is very well explained. "
-- Amazon reviewer

"Written to support Adobe Flash platform and Adobe Flex application developers in their quest for more speed and power, this includes over 300 recipes and a host of nuts-and-bolts information. The authors, all master practitioners, begin with the basics, such as where to place code and how to handle events, then move on to creating and determining a custom class and subclasses, working in the runtime environment, including detecting the player version and operating system and dealing with system security, building in numbers and math from simple arithmetic to multiple calculations, adding elements to arrays and display lists and manipulating the results, drawing and masking geometric forms, filling and scripting masks, handling bitmaps and texts, including manipulating features and formatting, using filters and transforms, programming animation, making the most of strings, using regular expressions and setting dates and times, programming sound and video, storing persistent data, communicating with other movies, sending and loading data, using XML, calling web service methods, building integrated applications, managing files and programming sockets. The results should keep everyone from novices to advanced users on track."
-- Jane Erskine, Book News Inc.

"Each topic is grouped to provide information on specific problems so they can be accessed quickly and easily. This allows for the book to be used as a reference so you don't have to read it from cover to cover & you could if you wanted to however. Along with each topic, this book provides many useful code examples. Not only that, but the authors explain why they used the code approach they did for that example. That brings up another bonus point for this book; its simplicity. The book is extremely easy to understand. It does not however gloss over the more intricate points of a and goes into great detail without overwhelming the reader. "
-- John Crosby, Rocky Mountain Adobe Users Group

"This book is a must have for any Flash developer. Even if you are new to ActionScript, this book offers a quick off the-the-shelf reference for many of the common (and uncommon) tasks faced by the day-to-day developer. With names like Keith Peters and Joey Lott taking the author credit, you know you are getting an experienced, well-written book that is sure to deliver. The book offers complete coverage, from the basics to remoting and socket development. "
-- Paul Milbourne, Flash the District