Media praise for CSS: The Definitive Guide

"Anyone who is considering purchasing this book might initially be concerned by the dearth of feedback on the Web sites of the publisher and the major online booksellers — in the form of few reader comments, and no reported errata. The prospective reader may wrongly conclude that this indicates a lack of interest in the book, and thus it must be unpopular — probably for good reason. But just the opposite is true...Rarely does one come across a programming book that has no significant flaws, and will likely become a favorite resource for developers everywhere. CSS: The Definitive Guide is a comprehensive, well-written, and welcome addition to the library of any Web developer who wishes to understand and utilize CSS better. "
-- Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,

"The book has just about all you need as both a reference and basic how-to. Eric concentrates on the CSS properties and techniques that have real support among browsers. This increases the practical value of the book. Discussion of CSS selectors has been expanded to reflect the growing support for more powerful (and complex!) selector syntax...Eric's ongoing experience with key real-life Web issues and design knowledge binds the material together and makes this a superior book."
-- Brett Merkey,

"This book would make a very fine addition to any website developer's library (the holiday season is upon us...think "geek-gift") and is everything you would want out of an O'Reilly Definitive Guide. This isn't a book you read once and put back on the shelf. I can imagine Meyer wrote the third edition not only to update the technology but because owners of the second edition were complaining their copies were disintegrating from excessive use. This is a book you'll go back to again and again as you develop your CSS writing skills. Try not to wear it out too quickly."
-- James Pyles, TechUnity

"CSS: The Definitive Guide by Eric A. Meyer is an excellent place to begin learning about CSS. All you require to have is a beginner’s knowledge of HTML and you are ready to go."
-- Amit Goyal,

"This book does a great job explaining the ins and outs of CSS. It would be tough to find a better book or a more knowledgeable author. Plenty of thorough explanations; including a handy property reference in the appendix."
-- Eric Wuehler,

"This is the standard and complete guide to the use of cascading style sheets, a technology that has transcended Web page design and migrated to chat clients, dashboard widgets and beyond. The author provides comprehensive coverage of CSS properties, tags, attributes, and implementations. If you buy only one book on CSS for your library, this is it!"
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital

"...the author leaves no corner unturned. He starts out slow with an introduction to cascading style sheets and what they bring to the table. The following chapters then delve head first into topic after topic. You can be sure that you will know the technology through and through by the time you are finished with the book, just be prepared to spend some time working through the material. The author has done a wonderful job bringing to life a subject that might otherwise be quite dry. The years of experience he shares in chapter after chapter has made me glad that I've added this book to my library."
-- Joshusa Benuck,

"This book is not a cover to cover read where you curl up by the fire and read all night, it is a well indexed research support manual -- keep it within reach -- you got a problem w/CSS? -- articulate the problem in your mind, then solve the problem using this book's resources -- checking the adequate table of contents and/or index...The book CSS: The Definitive Guide goes to the point discussion, defines the point, often in more than one way, explains the principle of the rule, and when necessary shows example code and an illustrative example... what more could you ask? ... Color illustrations maybe ;-] -- Buy the book."
-- Jerry Cline,

"The book will also spark your imagination to do and try things you may never have thought of. It can offer the spark of creativity that will change bland web pages into attractive and eye catching designs. Though it may not give you the control that a print designer has over their design, it comes real close to doing that, and Eric can show you how. Today CSS is far more than just styling text and backgrounds. It is a very powerful language and this book shows you how to apply it. If you already understand the principles it is a great reference for those times when you get just plain stuck and need an answer. "
-- Dwain Alford, KDD - The Life and Times of an Artist

"CSS: The Definitive Guide is a professional-level text, now in its third edition. However, it is well-written and does not require much more than a knowledge of HTML and some familiarity with other web technologies...The information is well presented: excellent typographic design; clear, jargon-free language; and excellent supporting illustrations."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"Part of the highly-respected O'Reilly line of books, CSS: The Definitive Guide is just what the title implies: a comprehensive resource of excellent tutorials and guidelines to use when programming with CSS. "
-- Glen Stansberry, NETTUTS

"Eric's ongoing experience with key real-life Web issues and design knowledge binds the material together and makes this a superior book."
--Brett Merkey,