Media praise for Ajax on Rails

"Scott Raymond’s book Ajax on Rails serves as an introduction, tutorial, and reference for web development using Ajax and Rails. It is roughly 1/3 introductory and intermediate level text; 1/3 more advanced material for developing Ajax on Rails applications; and 1/3 sample - life-sized - applications...One of the real strengths of this book is its many working examples. I found even tricky techniques described in ways that were easy to understand...The author does a great job taking the reader from simple working examples to more complex applications. I certainly felt more comfortable with advanced aspects of Ajax and Rails by the end of the book. It seems to me this is the definitive text on the topic."
-- Brian DeLacey

"This is a book to get after you’ve been through a couple of the other books, built an application or two, and want to dive more deeply into using Ajax in your application."
-- Michael Slater, Technology for Humans

"If any of you wants a great primer on Ajax and Ruby on Rails, then you should buy this book. It holds invaluable information about Rails, Prototype, and — and the examples at the end of the book are immensely useful. Scott’s approach to real-world uses of Ajax and Rails (he is a real-world developer of Rails applications afterall) makes the book easy-to-read and very accessible."
-- Tim Samoff, More things digital...

"Scott Raymond's new book Ajax on Rails discusses Ajax and Ruby on Rails, focusing on the Ajax support in Ruby on Rails in just about the right depth for most developers, and offering some valuable insight without going too far afield. Scott is a Rails insider: he's one of the developers of the framework. His book has the unmistakable ring of experience, and it is well-organized and well-written. "
-- Martin Heller, Strategic Developer, InfoWorld

"Added to the Ruby library today with Ajax on Rails (Scott Raymond). Looks like a pretty cool book, not sure that I couldn't get the same info from Google, but it's certainly nice to have it all in one spot. There's a couple example apps built in that are small enough to actually get my brain around and modify (a quiz, a gallery, and a collaboration app). Having only spent an hour or so flipping through the pages and reading various excerpts it appears to stand up to the usual high expectations I have of O'Reilly books..."
-- Bill Marquette, Hit or Miss

"If you use Ajax for web development and either know something about Rails or want to, Raymond has written the manual for you. Once you understand the basics of Rails, you should get a copy of this invaluable tutorial and reference."
-- James Pyles,

"...this is the definitive text on the topic."
--Brian DeLacey