Media praise for Head First JavaScript

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"So as a seasoned JavaScript vet I found Head First JavaScript very helpful as a review of JS topics plus a great first introduction into topics like function literals, prototypes, and inner HTML intricacies. But JS neophytes need not shudder, this book is jammed with examples, explanations, and novel quizzes that will make the basics of JavaScript imminently palatable. And in fact, except for the price of $40, this book would be perfect for a 3-5 day course on Web 2.0 and JavaScript. Course takers would then have the perfect follow up vehicle including excellent references and exercise to be done post lessons...For a lively, hands-on and memorable intro into JavaScript, Head First JavaScript is hard to beat. "
-- Jacques Surveyer, Keep an Open Eye

"Head First Javascript actually does a decent job of describing who this book will help, and who it will not help. That alone had me intrigued right from the start...As a hobbyist I felt like this was a great introduction to JavaScript. I think it gave me a foundation to build on and the ability to use more of the materials freely available on the web. Sometimes there is just so much of that out there, that it is difficult to know where to start. One of my primary goals in reading this book was to put together a couple simple web apps for myself as well as to get a better understanding of using the DOM for some Firefox plugins I would like to write. This book met those needs."
-- JR Peck,

"As with any good teacher, this O’Reilly series attacks the material from a variety of angles. If you know it, or you’re a quick learner, you can breeze right through. If you’re like me, they try everything possible to make things comprehensible."
-- Dana Blankenhorn, Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney,

"While reading this book, you'll probably notice that you are learning to program in JavaScript without having realized it."
-- James Pyles, Linux Pro Magazine

"For a lively, hands-on and memorable intro into JavaScript, Head First JavaScript is hard to beat. "
--Jacques Surveyer, Keep an Open Eye