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Media praise for Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide

" This book is an excellent resource for cautious people like me. I was impressed with how quickly the author got past the basic intro material and kept the focus on the use value of Vista features. There is no "for dummies" talk here. The material is both extensive and is not aimed at a particular experience level."
-- Brett Merkey, Amazon Reviewer

"The book starts out explaining what you need to know to get started and use Vista, the user interface, and teaches some special characteristics and key combinations on Vista that are not well known. I really liked how the author drew the distinction between appearance and performance and what lies underneath Vista's graphical user interface. There are also helpful sections for the new Search function and Menus. The book explains how to use the included applications and utilities, and even goes as far as introducing all the multimedia apps from the point of view of an experience expert. I never really appreciated the power of the Vista multimedia applications until I read this section of the book. Stanek writes he been using Vista for 5 years, and it shows in the depth and scope of his advice."
-- Arlene Casey, Amazon Reviewer

"Every important setting and feature in Microsoft's new operating system is covered in a guide which packs in listings for hundreds of commands, windows, menus, and other Windows Vista elements. From the new operating system's basic user interface and differences between Vista and other operating systems to tips in installation, keyboard shortcuts and more, this should be a basic reference for quite some time, offering essential keys to understanding and streamlining Vista's capabilities. Libraries will find it an increasingly valuable reference as Vista products permeate the stores and replace older systems in the next year or two."
-- Diane Donavan, Midwest Book Review

"The visual learner will marvel at this full-color, step-by-step guide to the use of Windows Vista. The clean, neat, layout provides fast access to specific operations through the use of color-coded tabs and a logical sequence of chapter content. All operations and procedures are clearly illustrated and concisely described."
-- Michael Kleper, the Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"William R. Stanek's Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide offers everything needed to customize the operating system of any Windows Vista computer, from fine-tuning its appearance and performance to enhancing digital media, handling user accounts, and systems variations, and more. The organization ranges from easiest to more complicated tasks, making it easy to use Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide as a stepping stone to higher commands."
-- James A. Cox, California Bookwatch

"...a great desktop reference for the everyday Vista adventurer. The author does a very credible job of covering a vast amount of information on an often confusing and sometimes annoying subject, Vista."
-- Iris Yoffa, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society