Media praise for Cloud Security and Privacy

"There are no other books that I know of that attempt to deal with this subject as completely and as comprehensively as does Cloud Security and Privacy. You really do owe it to your organization to read this first in order to be able to ask the right questions. Anything less would be highly negligent on your part. "
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"...this is a great source of information on a very hot topic du-jour, and the combined experience and expertise of the authors does a lot to bring credibility and added value to this work. It is highly recommended for those that are either currently using, or considering, cloud services for their enterprise in the immediate or very near future."
-- Jude Umeh, FBCS, CITP, BCS

"The book is indeed a comprehensive treatise on everything cloud, and everything cloud security...One of the most important things I picked from the book was a very structured view on separation of security responsibilities between the cloud provider and the customer for all of the SPI scenarios. This alone probably justifies getting your own copy. "
-- Dr. Anton Chuvakin,

"Overall this is a surprisingly good book tackling a difficult topic..."
-- Sue Gee, I Programmer

"The authors successfully manage to provide a very helpful overview of the topic...the book will help readers understand cloud security concepts and ideas, as well as expectations for the future. "
-- Kate Barr, Computing Reviews

"This book can be a good resource for people who are planning on cloud computing solutions. "
-- Andy Zhang,