Media praise for High Performance JavaScript

"...a bloody brilliant book, and not owning it should be reason enough for ostracication from the frontend community."
-- Jacob Waller, krwaller

"Overall, High Performance Javascript is a great little 200 page book. If you have been programming JavaScript and/or Ajax and want to learn more about speeding up your code and also learning the best way to program then this book would make a great read."
-- Daniel Coe,

"In short words this book is a must read..."
-- Mostafa Farghaly,

"This is a terrific book for those that have conscience of the importance of writing high performance JavaScript code and want to know all they can do to make their code better.... the concentration of valuable information and tips makes it a great asset for all Web developers to have permanently present in their desks. "
-- Manuel Lemos, JS Classes

"After just the first chapter, I was amazed at all the things I had learned, and I think many other developers would feel the same after reading this book. Very highly recommended."
-- Brandon Ching, Usenix ;login: