Media praise for The Twitter Book

"As easy to grasp as a tweet, this book cuts through the tiresome twitterhype and delivers a bunch of sensible, down-to-earth material on using and enjoying Twitter."
-- Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing and author of Little Brother

"Ever been to Nepal? Me neither. However if I ever do go, even though the aborigines who live there are just like us, I will enlist a Sherpa to guide me through the landscape and the nuances of the culture. That's what The Twitter Book is to Twitter. The Twitter community is, at its heart, filled with passionate people engaged in conversations. It's just like Main Street USA. However, culturally, Twitter is its own country with its own language. Its various conventions like DMs and hashtags sound more like retro phrases from the 1960s than the underpinnings of one of the largest social networks on the web today. However, with a quick study, anyone can jump in, engage and accomplish their goals. With The Twitter Book, Sarah Milstein and Tim O'Reilly give you everything you need to get started while leaving just enough for readers to explore on their own. It's an terrific resource I am recommending to all of our clients and anyone else who is curious about Twitter."
-- Steve Rubel, SVP/Director of Insights, Edelman Digital

"Once again, O'Reilly has put together a great, comprehensive primer. If you're ready to dive into the world of Twitter, I highly recommend this book!"
-- Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

"Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein are two of my favorite tweeters, and they've just written The Twitter Book, a pleasingly-designed 240-page guide to making the most out of Twitter. "
-- Mark Frauenfelder,

"Movie stars, media figures, captains of industry and book reviewers are doing it, but how can businesses discern the twits from the tweets? O'Reilly and Milstein present as lucid and intelligent an overview as you'd want or need. The format is concise but quite rich, and there's plenty here to convince skeptics that employing Twitter as a marketing tool is a very good way to engage customers."
-- Richard Pachter, The Miami Herald

"As with anything that gains high profile popularity there are plenty of Twitter haters out there, though the role that Twitter has played in the recent Iranian elections seems to have brought more legitimacy to Twitter in the eyes of many. With popularity come books and quite a few are already out there about and for twitter, but my favorite so far is The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein."
-- JR Peck,

"The 234-page guide is so helpful that many readers no doubt will tweet its praises and thank "(at)timoreilly" and "(at)sarahm" — the authors' Twitter handles — for helping people understand why Twitter is emerging as the Internet's most powerful communications vehicle since e-mail."
-- Michael Liedtkeap, Associated Press

"...appropriate for those you're trying to convince that Twitter is all the rage. The book reads like a beginner's how-to guide, which means you could even use it as a subtle way to encourage less than stellar Twitter users to improve their Twittering ways."
-- Jennifer Van Grove,

"Twitter appears so simple, but has nearly limitless ways to be applied to personal communication, business relationships or even 'mind reading'. To get the most out of this global sharing tool, this book can help the novice get up to speed, or the advanced user refine their tools, dialog, and listening skills."
-- Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist

"Tim and Sarah are the perfect people to publish this type of work, both experts in the tool itself and in the art of communication. We're lucky to have them...I recommend getting a copy of this book and using it as a constant reference the same way you'd use any top-rate how-to guide. I also found that it was incredibly helpful to have my computer in front of me so I could actually experiment with the different tips and resources that Tim and Sarah suggest. Within the pages of the book I also found a few other great people to follow on Twitter . "
-- Christa Avampato, Christa in New York

"The best book on twitter. Whether you’re just starting or trying to find your way with twitter or if you consider yourself twitter savvy, get this book."
-- Dr. Shock (Walter van den Broek), Dr. Shock MD PhD

"...You've certainly provided I think, at least so far, the gold standard for how to get involved in an interesting and productive way. I really enjoyed the book. And appreciate it. "
-- Roger Green, CIOZone/Biz.Tech Review

"Frankly, at first glance the book seems a bit pricey given its format, simplicity, and generous use of white space. On the other hand, the book's value is demonstrated in that it accomplishes what it sets out to do: To provide a clear introduction to both a powerful tool and the culture that has grown up around it. If you're interested in using Twitter for your business, this book is excellent. Strongly recommended."
-- Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Web Marketing Today

"Clearly some people need a bit of help utilizing Twitter correctly, especially if they're planning to use it professionally. To help wannabe Tweeters succeed on the net, O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein have created a book which guides you through the pitfalls of using Twitter and gives you helpful hints on how to position your brand on the web."
-- Zara Rabinowicz, Shiny Media

"If you are a Twitter user, but know someone who isn't, and you want them to start, The Twitter Book might be a wise investment/gift...If you know someone in business who is looking to leverage Twitter professionally, Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein have written a book full of helpful hints on branding via Twitter."
-- Mark Leevan,

"This book is brilliant, simple, straightforward, and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone using Twitter. I've been on Twitter for years, and still learned a bunch. More importantly, for someone just starting out, this book is the best starting point I can imagine."
-- Raymond Brigleb,

"The Twitter Book has a strong visual element; many of its screenshots came from Milstein's original research. And though the idea of teaching people how to talk to other people online may seem a little corny at first, it actually is an effective handbook towards setting up a cohesive and consistent identity on Twitter. "
-- Ron Hogan, GalleyCat

"To navigate Twitter successfully, The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein is your best guide to do it."
-- Chris Malinao, Studio Lighting

"Given the simplicity of Twitter, you wouldn't think that it would take 241 pages to explain how to post a 140-character message, but Sarah Milstein and Tim O'Reilly put those pages to good use in The Twitter Book, aka #TwitterBook. I found a few great tips that I didn't know before, and I deepened my understanding of how to use Twitter, in no small part thanks to the screenshots that take up half of those pages. After you've gone through the book once somewhat closely, skimming the screenshots may be all that's necessary to get a quick refresher. "
-- Joyce Carpenter, Computerworld

"The text is almost haiku like, illustrated with example tweets. I think of it as a kinda Strunk and White for Twitter with brevity, wit, great examples, and simplicity."
-- Beth Kanter, Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

"This a friendly, resourceful and knowledgeable book that introduces Twittering, explains its context, illustrates examples, reveals personal perspectives, and generally builds a delightful bridge to Twitter empowerment. A very good value for the money. "
-- Tom Piper, appleJAC Macintosh Users Group

"The Twitter Book is easy to read in the extreme. Its general format is less like a standard book and more like an instruction manual "for dummies". I don't use the term "dummies" in the pejorative sense, but to indicate that the content is designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience. "
-- James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees

"Honestly I found this books’ simple yet friendly manner to be both enjoyable and informative. "
-- Mikel King, JAFDIP

"...The Twitter Book: worth a look if you're hooked."
-- Adrian Bridgwater, ZDNet UK

"From the man who coined the term “web 2.0”, comes an awesomely Twitter-like book about Twitter itself, called simply The Twitter Book. Why? The authors manage to tackle their overhyped subject with grace and ease, giving an easy to understand introduction to microblogging and how to use it both personally and in business. Specific examples such as “retweet your customers” could prove invaluable even to the more experienced Twitter user."
-- Ivan Brezak Brkan, ShoutEm

"Another book on Twitter you think. But this time it is authored by the founding father of the Web 2.0 era Tim O’Reilly together with Sarah Milstein...They provide insight in the different ways you can benefit from using Twitter and how you should alter your strategy based on your goals. It’s a very entertaining book on how to build a personal brand on Twitter. "
-- Martin Kloos, The Next Web

"This is the ultimate source for everything you need to know about Twitter."
-- Allen Pierleoni, The Sacramento Bee

"I’m putting the book on my client’s required reading list no matter their level of Twitter expertise. I recommend you give it a read too."
-- Gregg Morris, Reinventing a Conversational Economy

"...the most useful book we’ve seen on the topic to date."
-- Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly, Issue #202, June 2009

"To learn more about Twitter, check out the recently released book titled The Twitter Book, by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein. It's excellent in every way."
-- Phil Shapiro, PC World

"Written and presented in Twitter style -- short, conversational, and sporting minimal graphics -- The Twitter Book serves as a helpful guide for both novices and experienced users."
-- Kit O'Toole,

"This book has everything in it and certainly earns the title of The Twitter Book, but the best thing about the book is the balance between those who want to use twitter to communicate and particpate, and those who want to leverage it for there own means. Excellent work O'Reilly. "
-- Ian Forrester,

"If you have the chance to read The Twitter Book, I would highly recommend it. I can only think of a few people I know on Twitter who would already know everything in the book. The vast majority (ie., the rest of us) would benefit tremendously. "
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"The Twitter Book is a rare example of book that fits the needs of both a beginner and a more advanced user...The book is a compact manual that reads easily and has a lot of precious tips. "
-- Antonella Stellacci, Snowcrashing

"O'Reilly's Twitter Book a great read! "
-- MIT Libraries

"You'll find some real "tweets" in The Twitter Book..."
-- Bob and Joy Schwabach, On Computers

"This book literally changed my life...I would recommend this book to any new Twitter user just the same as I would recommend it to veterans, the book is full of cool tips and trick to transform you into a Twitter expert in no time. "
-- Ahmed Hussam,

"Even if you have used Twitter for a while and have hundreds (even thousands) of followers, you are bound to find useful information in the book and realize you may have been doing something (or not doing something) that has been negatively affecting your Twitter experience to some degree. All in all, The Twitter Book is a must-read for Twitter newbies and "old-timers" alike."
-- Manny Hernandez,

"... provides clear advice to enlighten everyone, from the first-time tweeter to the power user."
-- School Library Journal

"The book is an easy read in an hour, give or take 10 minutes. It also functions well as a reference document if you need to go back and look up Twitter features, such as hashtags and retweets, as you gain more familiarity with the Twitter service. "
-- Thomas Beck, Thomas Beck's Blog

"The overall design is excellent for the purpose: well organised content, well focused on the subject, concise, pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and fills a need."
-- Major Keary, Linux Users of Victoria Inc.

"My bottom-line impression of the book: Wow! Buy it! It doesn’t matter whether you are totally new to Twitter or whether you are a power-user, you’re going to learn from this book...The Twitter Book is an easy read: you can finish it in one evening. But it is information-rich. I think anyone who uses Twitter would be well-served in grabbing a copy of this book."
-- Bruce Keener, Keener Living

"The Twitter Book demonstrates every aspect of Twitter with great practicality, while keeping all the fun intact. Go get your guide and step into the conversation."
-- Suzanna Stinnett, SF Boomers Examiner

"So in order to get my Twitter etiquette down right, Milstein gave me some insight as to what the common mistakes of Twitter users are and gave a few pointers to what the average Twitter user should do....So have I become the ‘ideal’ Twitter user? Hardly. But perhaps by following some Twitter tips from The Twitter Book I can one day be amongst the Ashton Kutchers, the Sarah Milsteins the Tim O’Reilly’s and the Shaquille O'Neal’s. "
-- Vanessa Gate, The Canoe Dossier

"We were surprised to learn something new with practically every page turn...not just things we didn't know, but expert insights into the mechanics and benefits of Twitter. Each entry is concise, easy to understand, and accompanied by full-color screen grabs. Readers will find it fascinating for both personal and business use."
-- Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"There's a good helping of business-specific advice -- that is, how to make Twitter an asset to your business rather than a way of embarrassing yourself in a venue that is both lightning-fast and unforgiving of boneheaded behavior -- for those looking for the monetary angle. "
-- Angela Gunn, Betanews

"Thank heavens for The Twitter Book by founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, Inc., Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein, writer and founder of the Tools of Change for Publishing conference (TOC). It's the ultimate guide to tweeting like a pro."
-- Liza Peiffer, Marketing Conversation

"The book is well-written and an easy read, and you'll likely find that it takes just a couple of hours to go cover to cover...a very worthwhile read, even for casual Twitterers. If you've been tweeting for awhile and scoff at the idea of a whole book being devoted to Twitter, then you are exactly the type of person to benefit the most by reading it."
-- Dan Watts, GigaMegaBlog

"The book itself was great, and more than up to the high standards I expect from an O’Reilly book. It does an excellent job of detailing what Twitter is...Overall this was a great read and reading it on the iPhone turned out to be better than I had expected and would read more books this way. If you’re looking to learn more about Twitter I highly recommend, and if you have an iPhone you might want to give the app version a try too."
-- Joe, joedag32

"It may not be written in 140-character chunks, but it is easy reading and manages to pack in all kinds of information of interest to Twitter virgins and aficionados alike. "
-- Tom Simonite, New Scientist Magazine, issue 2718

"The best things about the book are the practical suggestions and recommendations regarding its use, for personal pleasure and communications with friends and family, and for learning how to make new friends and contacts...Overall, this was a surprisingly enjoyable reading activity."
-- John Suda, iTunes

"Every question you might have about what Twitter is and how to use it has been answered in O’Reilly press’ timely new The Twitter Book."
-- Jonathon Howard, Sacramento Book Review

"Pick up a copy if have not already. "
-- Bill Ives, Portals and KM

"Suffice to say that any detail you need to know is available in this handy, easy to use reference...I’d recommend this book to anyone hesitant to try Twitter because it seems overwhelming and current “tweeps” who would like to pick up some tips from the pros. "
-- Miriam Salpeter, Keppie Careers

"...if you are looking for a brief fiction break, or need a new handbook for your maximizing your Twitter tweets, definitely check this book out! "
-- GMR, Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

"Brilliant! Buy it! You'll use it immediately. It’s is an absolute corker, as we say here in these southern parts, meaning that it’s the dogs (Londoners will know what I mean). You could also take it to mean that you would be a mug (or ‘muggins’) to not pick up a copy. You will learn something immediately from it, just by flicking through its pages while you are waiting at the checkout..."
-- Lee Hopkins, Better Communication Results

"O'Reilly's practical, easy-to-follow, user-friendly guide, filled with colorful, informative insets makes a novice user into an expert within a short period. Or as Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos writes, "...O'Reilly has put together a great, comprehensive primer. If you're ready to dive into the world of Twitter, I highly recommend this book!" And so do I."
-- Gail Welborn, Seattle Examiner

"If you're interested in social networking for personal, blog or business use, I highly recommend this book. If you just want to understand the Tweeting hype, I highly recommend this book. And if you want to know how those blasted hashtags come into play, I definitely recommend this book. :)"
-- Amanda Howell, Fiery-Reviews

"It's easy to understand, provides lots of examples, and clears up the jargon which surrounds twitter. If you're a late adopter, unsure of web 2.0 technology, this book is for you."
-- Tim Lepczyk, Digital Dunes

"...appropriate for those you're trying to convince that Twitter is all the rage. The book reads like a beginner's how-to guide, which means you could even use it as a subtle way to encourage less than stellar Twitter users to improve their Twittering ways."
--Jennifer Van Grove,