Media praise for JavaScript Cookbook

"The fact that the code download file is about 63 megs compressed should give an idea of how much is contained in this big store of scripting knowledge."
-- Brett Merkey,

"To be honest even reading the more basic stuff like chapter 1 on strings make you understand the quality of the book and how it could be useful even for simpler tasks. Great book, highly recommended."
-- Carlo De Marchis,

"First sentence of this book starts from 'I wrote my first book on JavaScript 15 years ago…'. I think this is weighty argument why you should look at this book."
-- Denis Gladkikh, outcoldman

"This is a very rich text, complete with code and not stingy with explanations and recommendations. It could also be read as a manual of advanced JavaScript, and as a general introduction to new technologies in web development."
-- Fabio Lelli,