Media praise for Learning iPhone Programming

"I recommend the book to anyone considering diving into iPhone programming...Learning iPhone Programming is reasonably priced and should remain a solid introductory text for new iPhone developers for some time to come."
-- Mike Riley, Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk

"The great strength of Allan's book is that it gives you a clear view of the big picture about iPhone development, and fills in most of the essential details. I can hardly imagine a better book to begin the great adventure of developing extraordinary apps."
-- Michael Pastore, ePublishers Weekly

"If you’re a programmer thinking of writing iPhone or iPad apps, you’ll want this book."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, The User's Column, May 2010, Column 358

"...a guide recommended for any programmer's collection."
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"So, if you are interested in a crash course into iPhone programming before you dig into it with a more detailed book, this is the one to get. But, it will leave you with the thirst to learn more. Me? I am heading to the O’Reilly catalog to look for an Objective-C book..."
-- Richard Slywczak, GRApple, Volume 12, Issue 1, February 2011

"I cannot stress how brilliant the book Learning iPhone Programming Development by Alasdair Allan is."
-- Nick Reffitt, iOS Blog