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Media praise for Real World Instrumentation with Python

"If you have started working with or have an interest in taking the next step toward machine-driven data collection and making sense of the information that transacts between physical interfaces, Real World Instrumentation with Python can offer readers a great primer and a notable head start."
-- Mike Riley,

"This extensive introduction and cookbook approach will be invaluable to a number of audiences... With the current proliferation of real-time embedded applications, hobbyists and makers and inexpensive data-acquisition hardware the value of this handbook is multiplied many-fold."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"Like the last Python book I reviewed, Head First Python, this book also has a lot of handy diagrams. But Real World Instrumentation is a lot more specific in application...If you're technically minded already and are fascinated by electronic theory, this book is for you."
-- Kim Crawley,