Media praise for Everything You Know about CSS is Wrong!

"...a must read book for anybody who designs or layouts web pages, whether you a graphic designer or programmer or in-between..."
-- Dr. Colin Brown, MSN and Windows Live

"...this book is a good quick read, maybe like a bit of a manifesto with a cookbook in the middle. "
-- Zoltan Hunt,

"Are you a web designer and/or developer who needs to work with CSS layouts? If you are, then this book is for you! Authors Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank, have done an outstanding job of writing a book that takes stock of the current best practices methods that are being considered for CSS layout. "
-- John R. Vacca,

"This will be a welcome read for weary web programmers who have attempted to utilize CSS in their web projects, but have been forced to use a mishmash of CSS and HTML tables to achieve their desired designs. This book should be in high school and college libraries where a strong technology program exists, and is strongly recommended for any librarian who serves a particularly tech-savvy crowd. "
-- Ross Teller, The Tech Static

"Those wanting to get ahead of everyone else in the way that they do their design will need the information this book provides."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall