Media praise for Making TeX Work

"Ordinarily I don't write mail complimenting product vendors (after all, it's their job to make a decent product :), but every rule has an exception.

"I recently bought the O'Reilly book, Making TeX Work, and I think that it's really great that someone, somewhere out there is producing well written technical references/tutorials (as opposed to the dozens of repetitive watered down books which are found so often in computer sections of bookstores) [for] utilities such as TeX. I've looked at several TeX/LaTeX references, and the only [one]...[I] found to be usable was Lamport's original volume, which doesn't provide the broad overview that makes the O'Reilly book so useful.

"Well done, thanks for writing usable books!

"(And on a superficial note, I think the covers are great. I'm becoming inclined to violate the proverb and start judging computer books by their covers.)" --Joel Erickson, O'Reilly customer