Media praise for Essential System Administration

"...the most direct and comprehensive explanation of LVMs that I've read. Essential System Administration is an extraordinary book that every system administrator needs, for installation, configuration, troubleshooting, or just understanding the processes that are involved." --Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin, June 2001

"Best general UNIX system administration book I have seen. This is a wealth of experience on tap, and that is hard to beat." --Docfilter, Dec 2000

"The best general UNIX system administration book I have seen. . . extremely helpful this is a hands-on, HOWTO book, with concise, clear instructions for most UNIX flavors. It covers the core tasks in a no B.S., real-world way. . . this is a wealth of experience on tap, and that is hard to beat." -- J. Gentry,, Feb 2000

"If I had to pick one book for my bookshelf, this would be it." --Dinah McNutt, UNIX Review, April 1996

"Frisch's considerable knowledge, coupled with her lucid writing style, has produced a superb reference for any and every UNIX administrator, novice or advanced. It is also an excellent resource for UNIX users." --Sys Admin, January 1996

"Essential System Administration introduces readers to the care and feeding of UNIX systems in a real-world, heterogeneous environment. It provides a compact, manageable treatment of the tasks and issues that everyone responsible for a UNIX system faces." --ISP-Tech-Ezine, July 3, 1998

"You will find this book indispensible whatever your UNIX environment."

"O'Reilly is well known for writing excellent books, and this is no exception. Fresch goes into great depth on almost every subjects she covers, and the information is always accompanied by examples for each UNIX system supported by the book Despite its age, the book is still both an excellent primer for first time UNIX administrators, as well as veterans that feel they need to brush up on their skills. A must buy for any UNIX administrator, regardless of whether it will be used as an introduction to administration or as a reference manual."-- Dustin Puryear, 32bitsonline, May 8, 2000