Media praise for Learning GNU Emacs

"I had wanted to try Emacs for a while, but due to a couple of problems I had, I had never bothered delving too far. The primary problem for me was getting Emacs to word wrap properly, using whole words instead of placing hyphens in the middle of a word. This was the first thing I looked up in Learning GNU Emacs .Within about five minutes, not including the time it took to download and reinstall Emacs, which had been deleted due to extreme frustration with this word wrap thing, it was working. Lovely. All thanks to this book .I decided to delve deeper and see what other secrets the book held."
--Steve Coe, Canada Computes, Nov 2000

"As usual, O'Reilly & Associates is your one-stop shopping center for printed references. 'Learning GNU Emacs' will give you a firm grounding in all of emacs basic features, as well as a tour of its more advanced features."
--Jeff Clites, MACTech, Dec 2001

"an excellent book, which goes into a great deal of detail and is a good read."
--Steve Coe, Canada Computes, May 10, 2001

"Incredibly useful."
--Steve Coe, Computer Paper, December 2000

"'s Bestselling Title of 1998 in the Category of Emacs"

"Authors Debra Cameron and Bill Rosenblatt do a particularly admirable job presenting the extensive functionality of GNU Emacs in well-organized, easily digested chapters.... Despite its title, 'Learning GNU Emacs' could easily serve as a reference for the experienced Emacs user."
--Linda Branagan, Convex Computer Corporation