Media praise for Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats

"indispensable for people who want to translate graphics files from one platform to another." --Joe Farace, The Press, August 1998

"It seemed like fate. No sooner had I opened this resource when my beeper went off and I was asked about how to handle a file format conversion. The answer was in the Encyclopedia. --Steve Jewett, Service Bureau Proprietor

"WOW! You have one seriously amazing page there. The HTML coding itself is pretty good, but the thing that got me jumping up and down is the content. You have obviously put a lot of time into each format, and it definitely shows. Kudos!" --Ryan Saghir, Inset Systems Inc.

"...the desk reference on graphic file formats and conversion" --Molly Joss, Computer User, July 1998

(Quotes for first edition)

"For the most part, I try to print reviews of books in roughly the order they arrive on my desk. This book, however, went immediately to the top of the stack because I believe it is the best of its kind, and I want as many people to hear about it as soon as possible.... I haven't seen a CD-ROM augment a programming book in a more sensible and productive way than this one does.... If anyone thinks there is a better book of graphics file formats on the market than this one, please let me know. Otherwise, toss out all your other graphics file format books and get this one." --Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, November 1994

"I've often thought that what's needed is a book that examines, in detail, the various file formats available to programmers. The EGFF (does) just that." --Dr. Dobb's Journal, July 1994

"Geared towards programmers, the EGFF is the definitive work on file formats, providing high-end information on over 100 file formats from all computer platforms. There's even a CD-ROM included that provides actual vendor documents for the file formats described in the book, code examples that show how to read and write graphic files, sample images, and of course, some public domain software goodies." --Mac Monthly, September 1994

"At last!!! No more hunting, begging, borrowing, or stealing to find that particular file format information you need -- here it one place. If you work with graphics files, buy this book.... The EGFF is useful to file-dissecting neophytes and veterans alike. It is a well-written resource and reference book that you will wonder how you ever did without." --Microtimes (Product Spotlight), October 19, 1994

"(ORA has) done it again.... The whole online community is struggling to deal with graphical interfaces, graphic file formats, readers, viewers, etc.... The book/CD-ROM...has the good stuff if you need to deal with graphic files." --Boardwatch, October 1994

"...for a while now, I have wished for a popular reference on graphical file formats. That wish has now been granted: the EGFF, published by ORA, is just the thing." --C++ Report