Media praise for CJKV Information Processing

"Astonishingly comprehensive." --Niall Murphy, Embedded System Programming, March 2001

"If you are heavily involved in developing or integrating software for these markets, then this book is an essential reference work, fully worth its price. Highly recommended" --David Stone, ACCU, Sep 1999

"Book of the Month...acknowledged worldwide as THE authoritative work on double-byte computing." --Japan Internet Report, November 1999

"This is the most comprehensive guide available for programmers working with Chinese, Japenese, Korean, or Vietnamese (CJKV) character sets. . . An impressive array of technologies has sprung up in the ongoing effort to represent Asian languages in electronic form. Data-entry systems now run the gamut from 2,160-key tablets for entering Japanese kanji text to nifty handwriting-recognition systems. CJKV Information Processing documents these programs in enough detail to help carry out any relevant technical task and gives an authoritative treatment of keyboard designs, input methods, and user-interface design concerns... CJKV Information Processing shines in its delivery of East Asian output. Rather than focusing only on character sets necessary to faciliate information interchange and to put characters up on a screen, Lunde also illuminates the state of the art in publication-quality CJKV electronic typesetting. In addition, he explains various font technologies and the special considerations involved in applying them to each language." --David Wall,, March 1, 1999