Media praise for Oracle Performance Tuning

"There's no substitute for in-depth know-how when it comes to tuning an Oracle database, and that's what you get in Oracle Performance Tuning. This book is required reading for every Oracle DBA.... It provides a great companion to using our new Oracle Enterprise Manager Performance Pack tuning products. The extensive knowledge and experience contained in these pages, combined with a good set of tuning tools, provides the Oracle DBA with a potent arsenal for Oracle performance tuning!" -- Ken Morse, Senior Product Manager, System Management Products, Oracle New England Development Center "Database performance tuning is our company's bread and butter, so I buy all the Oracle references I see. Mark Gurry's and Peter Corrigan's book is without doubt the best, offering many more practical tips and scripts based on their experience. I recommend it unreservedly to anyone with a need to improve an Oracle database's performance." -- John Symington, Technical Director, Common Sense Computing Ltd

"If you are looking for a book on performance tuning look no further." --Andrew Morris, Computing April 30, 1998

(The following are for the first edition):

"Essential reading for managers - this book establishes that system tuning commences in the development cycle of a project." --Lurline Archay, President Australia & New Zealand Oracle User Group; Vice President, International Oracle User Group

"Time = money! ORACLE Performance Tuning finally gives ORACLE readers a comprehensive guide to maximizing their RDBMS and associated hardware investment. A well-tuned database is key to every company's competitive edge. This guide encapsulates the experience and "bag-of- tricks" of dozens of ORACLE experts and insiders. It's especially valuable for programmers and DBAs, but it's also applicable to project leaders, analysts, designers, and system administrators. Patrol Software believes the book will benefit every ORACLE installation and is adopting it as an important source of expertise for Patrol's automated management and tuning of RDBMS systems." --Martin Picard, President, Patrol Software; former Director of Networking Products at ORACLE Corporation

"This book is an example of what can be achieved when professional practitioners take the time to share their experience and skill through the medium of print.... There has been a real need for this type and style of book. It is a must for every information technology professional who is working in a modern database environment, or the advanced student who has aspirations to work in such an environment." --Bob Fees, Managing Partner, R.H. Fees and Associates; executive consultant to private and public sectors in many countries including U.S., Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand

(This is for the first edition)

"Performance tuning can be used not only to improve response times, but also to reduce capital (by eliminating the need for upgrades) or operating (by allowing "downsizing") costs. The more complex the system, however, the more complicated the tuning decisions. Client/server models can reduce CPU demand, but possibly add a new bottleneck in the network, itself. ORACLE is a powerful, functional, and flexible, but therefore very complex, database management system. "Corrigan and Gurry have produced a masterful, practical, and, above all, readable manual for performance tuning on ORACLE systems. There are conceptual and detailed explanations as well as tips and guides for managers and planners, designers and analysts, programmers, database administrators, and system administrators. As ad hoc reporting and queries rise, with the advent of easier-to-use tools, even the ORACLE user might benefit from some insight into what is going on behind the scenes. (OK, the *advanced* user.)" --copyright Robert M. Slade, 1995, author of Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses