Media praise for Windows NT in a Nutshell

"The 'Nutshell' Windows NT book is the antidote to those deliberately obscure Microsoft manuals on NT4 that are enough to reduce grown men and women to tears. Even the other members of the after-market book trade seem unable to produce an NT4 volume under 1,000 pages and several pounds...Windows NT4 is a wonderful operating system, but without help like 'Nutshell,' it may not be worth the effort"
--A.T.Connellan, online

"Excellent quick reference, organized from the user's perspective."

"This book is a good desktop reference. It is short, concise and well laid out."
--, March 2000

"I just picked up a copy of your title 'Windows NT 4 in a Nutshell.' Out of all the NT books I've picked up for research on the topic (I'm writing an intermediate-level NT networking guide for IDG), yours is the best and most informative. Particularly compared with the 1000-page bibles groaning on the shelves of all our fine booksellers, Nutshell is a masterpiece of compression and conciseness at 300 pages. It's the only book I have (other than mine, of course, which is upcoming) that I consider indispensable. What an excellent work."
--Rich Grace

"The one word summary of this book is 'Wow!'. This book is a great start for O'Reilly to become the premier publisher for the NT market that it already is for the UNIX market....I highly recommend this book for any semi-serious (and above) NT user."
--Billy Barron, University of Texas at Dallas (

"'Windows NT in a Nutshell' is my favorite NT book. Although its name suggests that this book may offer only simple coverage of NT, it is actually a dense distillation of necessary, practical facts about the operating system. Functions of all NT utilities (including those found in Microsoft's NT Resource Kit) are outlined and thoroughly indexed. Pearce also inlcudes the best printed guide to NT's command-line syntax. Best of all, Windows NT in a Nutshell is one of those rare technical books which is small enough to carry in your briefcase at all times--which happens to be what I do."
--Delaware Valley Computer User December 1997

"'Windows NT in a Nutshell' can be a lifesaver...a highly recommended resource for every NT administrator (or potential administrator). And when you do eventually know NT so well that you no longer need it, the next new admin will be very glad to get the use of your dog-eared copy."
--Carolyn J. Sienkiewicz, ;login: June 1998

"The material is well organised and the index is excellent. In particular the chapters on the NT GUI use graphical maps to show menu options as an aid in finding ones way around this very complex system. Recommended as very useful tutorial and reference on NT for both users and professional network administrators."
--Brian Bamer, C Vu, January 1998