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Media praise for Exploring Java

"Niemeyer and Peck have written one of the most thorough and systematic introductions to Java . . . Exploring Java offers excellent and thorough coverage of Java and serves as a complete reference to developing original applications." --Richard Hooker, Journal of Academic Librarianship, November 1998

"Whether novice user or seasoned veteran wanting to keep abreast of cutting edge developments, Exploring Java is the basic "how-to" book when it comes to Java."— --James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"Exploring Java is the ultimate beginner's guide to Java ."— --Will Tsui, Netpedia

"It covers only Java 1.1, but it does so quite well. It's brevity and clarity are refreshing and in no way reduce its depth. This book is a good introduction to Java, pleasantly free of much of the hype and flash of many other books. If you're looking for a good, firm introduction, and you have significant programming experience, this one's for you."— --Ray Rischpater, Handheld Systems, Nov/Dec 1998