Media praise for Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators

"If you're currently a CNE and you need to get on the fast track to NT certification, then this book will take you there. Although this book is not an official study guide, we suggest you go out and get it if you're a CNE seeking MS certification. Although our contributor has not finished going through this book entirely, he has told us that this book has been instrumental in helping him understand the differences between NetWare and NT without starting from scratch. 'Two thumbs way up!' he told us."



"A comparison and contrast between NetWare and NT concepts and features, Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators, teaches experienced NetWare administrators how to master the fundamentals of using Microsoft Windows NT Server. The book answers questions concerning how to do something with NT that you did with NetWare before. Although the main focus of the book is on the coexistence of Windows NT and NetWare, it includes a thorough coverage of migration and strategic issues as well. Thompson begins with a quick overview of the similarities and differences between NT Server and the NetWare 3.1x. He then eases you into Microsoft networking, discussing the basic concepts and how they compare with similar concepts in NetWare. The book covers Windows NT network configuration, disk configuration and administration, user management and control, and more. You will learn about DHCP, WINS, DNS, and RAS, print services, backing up and restoring NT Server, the NT registry, NetWare integration tools, TCP/IP networking, GSNW and FPNW. There is also coverage on Norton Utilites for Windows NT, and how to manage servers in a mixed NetWare and Windows NT Server environments. So if you are thinking about making a switch from NetWare to NT, there is no better guide than this technical tutorial and reference."

--Computer Literacy Review,

"Worried that Windows NT is making all your years of NetWare training obsolete? Need to make the NT move from NetWare? This book is exactly what you're looking for! It gives a detailed and very comprehensive view of Windows NT Server from a NetWare administrators point of view."

--Mike Jazayeri, review on