Media praise for Practical C Programming

"I have always enjoyed the way that O'Reilly books are written. The vast majority of the one's I have read are like this one. It is much like just hearing the person talk to you...Overall this books best point is in its writing style, which comes across as relaxed and not just plain dry...Using many code snippets, and a relaxed writing style the author is able to impart knowledge then follow it up with concrete examples. One of the other selling points is that this book deals with teaching you how to program C at the practical level as the title indicates. If and when one successfully assimilates this book a more focused book dealing with other C programming issues can be purchased. To get a foundation of knowledge in the C language though is what this books does admirably. I for one definitely recommend it. This book gets an SFDC 8/10 from me."
--Security Forums, December 2003

"WHERE WAS THIS BOOK WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL!!!! Back when I was in school we had a book from another publisher that seemed to make C more confusing than it should have been. Steve Oualline does an excellent job of simplifying the explanation of a rather complex language. As scary as this may sound, this book actually makes C sound like fun."
--Kenneth Wilcox, Boise Software Developers Group, February 2003

"Practical C takes on C programming in a way that makes it pretty is a very solid book and a great book for experienced programmers or novice programmers looking for a supplement to another book on C. The great thing about this book is that it isn't Windows, Linux, MacOS, UNIX, or anything focused and covers each platform and compiler with quite a bit of depth. Rather than letting you figure out these things, Practical C gives you all the information you need and doesn't leave you out in the cold. A perfect example is when it covers make files, where it outlines what they look like in everything from TurboC++ to GCC. This is extremely refreshing and quite an upgrade from past C programming books I've read, which often times are slanted one way or another."
--Patrick Mullen,, February 2001

Praise for the previous edition:
"This book is exactly what it states--a practical book in C programming. It is also an excellent addition to any C programmer's library."
--Betty Zinkarun, "Books & Bytes," March 1992

"A very readable and informative book and in our opinion well worth a place on the bookshelf for both the novice and experienced programmer alike."
--Sun UK User, June 1992