Media praise for Learning Perl/Tk

"Walsh has put together a well-ordered set of chapters [her experience] comes through in her book. If your work demands rapid development and deployment of point-and click utilities, buy her book now." --G.K. Jenkins, Computing Reviews June 1999

". . . written in the same readable style that has made O'Reilly books so well respected among developers, and it would make an excellent choice for those keen on extending their Perl know-how." --Dave Jewell, PC Pro, July 1999

"This is an ideal book for those looking to learn the Tk tool kit and Perl... A solid introduction to using the Tk toolkit with Perl. If you have a reasonable Perl background, and a little GUI on the side, you'll pick it up in no time. Rating 8/10... This is another book in O'Reilly's Learning series (of which Learning Perl really saved my butt in college), which is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of a certain topic. I want to compare this series with the Learn XY in 21 Days type of books, although I believe that would generally be an insult to the quality of O'Reilly. Once you finish this book, you will have enough of an understanding of Tk to be able to do most small projects. You will know most widgets, and will generally be prepared to be productive with Tk in Perl." --Jason Bennett, slashdot.or, March 1999