Media praise for Learning Perl on Win32 Systems

"If you have programmed in C/C++, Java or Visual Basic, but you have never given a glancing look at Perl, this is a good title to pick up The authors have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of software design and development using Perl with Windows NT - Win32 systems. Here they impart a good deal of their combined expertise to enable you to learn about the most commonly used functions of the Perl language. Lots of valuable examples and e exercises eases the learning process."

"Many, many people (I'm in that group too!) have gotten started with Perl using this book, so it absolutely works as a tutorial. The exercises (with detailed solutions) are good and really help you to solidify your knowledge at the end of each chapter. To summarize briefly: if you are using NT and starting to learn Perl, this is the book you need." --dze27,, Feb 28, 2001

"I recommend that you read Learning Perl on Win 32 Systems. --Robert Mangold, Technical Support, January 2001

"With the explosion of NT as the operating system of choice, knowing how to program in Perl can be an invaluable aid to any systems librarian. It seems Perl is headed toward being the scripting language of choice on NT, and this volume is a timely introduction and instructional guide to making Perl work on Win 32 systems. Despite its daunting appearance, it is definitely worth the effort to complete this book." --Kris Veldheer, Telecommunications Electronic Reviews, April 1998