Media praise for Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration

"Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration helps demystify the aspects of Windows NT that relate to TCP/IP. Craig Hunt wrote the standard book on TCP/IP under Unix--TCP/IP Network Administration --and he and Robert Thompson have applied their skills with equal aplomb to Windows NT 4 Even experienced administrators will be able to learn something from the tons of tips found here." --David Wall,

Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration "If you find yourself using or administering a network with Windows NT clients and servers, but don't understand TCP/IP and all that it entails, this book will teach you.The strengths of Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration are plenty. Information is presented clearly and accurately and arranged logically and chronologically, as one would set up a network. The tutorials are comprehensive, relying more on thorough written explanation than strategic screenshots. The section on additional resources points straight to the authoritative sources, such as RFCs. The Appendixes go into a great deal of detail that may never apply--but would be useful and handy in some cases. Clearly, this book will be useful even after the network is in operation."-chromatic,, June 2000

"a comprehensive, detailed reference full of real world experience and practical advice." --AELeen Frisch, SunExpert Magazine, November 1998