Media praise for Director in a Nutshell

"Another of O'Reilly's excellent guides, this book is the definitive desktop reference for developers working with Director, Macromedia's multimedia authoring tool." --Joe McCool, C Vu, May 2000

"Helps Director users uncover little-known but vitally important details about using Macromedia's multimedia program effectively. It supplies ample guidance on troubleshooting common difficulties and insight on avoiding the most common problems. This is a well-organized book--progressing from developing your understanding of how Director works, which should enrich your productivity, to showing you how to best handle audio and video." --Kathleen Caster,, March 1999

"A clear and practical guide." --Forecast, June 1999

"Bruce...obviously investigated issues, and didn't just regurgitate the manuals and help system." --John C. Ware, Director lead engineer and author of the MUI Xtra

"Tell me when the book is available. I look forward to deleting my Director Help files." --Miles Lightwood, Director developer

What the Experts are Saying about Director in a Nutshell:

"On the other hand, if you know Director pretty well but need a quick, handy guide to the program's labyrinthine command structure and syntax, Lingo expert Bruce Epstein has just the thing. Whether you're working with Director 5, 6, 6.5 or 7, Director in a Nutshell (O'Reilly & Associates, $24.95, ISBN 1-56592-382-0) will probably have whatever arcane bit of information you need, and it won't take you long to find it. Epstein designed the book as a complement to the Director manuals and Help system, and provides workarounds for the program's many bugs and quirks.

For example, depending on how you're developing your movie, you might want the Score window to look a certain way. Table 3-5 provides paths for nine different configurations, plus hotkeys when available. Among the many other tables are lists of hyperlink commands in Director 7, Paint window inks, and sprite ink effects. Lingo tips include one that shows you how to use global variables to create a Stub Projector whose behavior can be modified by changing the external Lingo.ini file. Throughout, Epstein specifies which tips work for which version of Director.

Among the many topics covered in this concise (582 pages) reference are memory and performance, the score and animation, and Shockwave and the Internet. The book is packed with information; you won't want to just sit down and read it (unless you're a total Director fiend), but you'll keep it handy as you're working on projects to help you over development humps. Between the many tables, Lingo snippets and useful advice, you'll find Director in a Nutshell to be indispensable. Director and Lingo in a Nutshell (DiaN/LiaN) kick butt. Buy them." --Spectrum Reviews

"A massive road atlas into the territory known as Director and Shockwave. Offers vital details for developers of every interest level, including coverage of many topics rarely even mentioned in other books. I want copies for everyone on the Director QA team." -Buzz Kettles Senior Quality Designer Macromedia Director Team

"A great piece of work of which Bruce can be very proud. I would describe it as 'a Direct-L Killer'. If it doesn't kill off all the questions on the Direct-L listserve, it will at least cut down the volume." --Peter Small Author of Lingo Sorcery and Magical A-Life Avatars

"This is the first book that provides the under-the-hood details that benefit Director developers of all levels. More thorough and accurate than any other reference available." --Marc Canter Canter Technology Inventor of Director