Media praise for Transact-SQL Programming

"I've finally found a replacement for the T-SQL manual that comes with MS SQL Server (or did way back when). The product manual is great because you can learn T-SQL quickly without wading through a lot of stuff you don't need. But I must admit at times, the product manual has fallen short in the more complicated SQL manipulations. This new O'Reilly book (the cover is of wallcreepers--birds from North Africa) is great because it covers the T-SQL stuff including the more complex stuff but is also covers the intro concepts, admin, and debugging material...I'm looking forward to moving beyond the simple SPs and data base design to the next level. This book will take me there."
--Dina Berry,, Jul 31 1999

"This practical tutorial and text is suitable for self-study or class environments. It contains clear code, examples, tables, notes and a case study to further enhance the learning process. The examples are not only well explained and relevant for administrators and developers, but also include the result set to keep you on track."

"When Transact SQL Programming by Kevin Kline, Lee Gould, and Andrew Zanexsky came out, it quickly became the first place I look for SQL Server code. I find it a gold mine, week in and week out. Almost anytime I'd dig into it, I'd find something of value." --Martin Heller,, March 7, 2001