Media praise for Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition

"O'Reilly & Associates Inc. is coming to the rescue of Windows and Perl developers struggling to manage disparate Perl tools and resources.

"O'Reilly last week shipped the second beta of the Perl Resource Kit Win32 Edition, which will provide developers with several tools that will allow them to work with Perl in Windows. A final version due in August for $150.

"O'Reilly, a technical publishing house based in Sebastopol, Calif., shipped a Unix version of the kit last year.

"The Windows resource kit contains a software CD and four books, including a programming book, a two-volume reference set and a utilities manual. The software includes an ActiveState Perl Debugger GUI for debugging scripts, a Perl Package Manager/Visual Package Manager installation tool, a Perl for WebSite API, a Perl for Internet Server API and a network installer.

"Perl is an open source programming language developed about 10 years ago for Unix systems and is now widely used to build database connections for Web sites. Perl is good for manipulating large pieces of text and working with Common Gateway Interface scripts, officials said.

"'I think a lot of people who are new to Perl and have this kit will see a lot of other [Perl] resources out on the Internet,' said Marcos Mondragon, a network systems programmer for NationsBank, in Chicago. 'This is a good introduction to what's out there and where you can get it.'

"Mondragon, whose department in NationsBank's Global Finance unit uses Perl to administer over 1,000 Unix and NT machines, said the debugger is especially valuable because it provides a visual snapshot of the debugging process. He added that one of the kit's main benefits to veteran Perl users is having all the resources in one package. 'For a lot of shops, corporate or otherwise, pulling this amount of information in over your firewall ... could get ugly,' he said."

--By Brian Hannon, PC Week Online, June 15, 1998

"The Perl Resource Kit, Win32 Edition provides you with a set of tools that will definitely enhance your Perl-scripting experience. The only tool missing from this kit is a visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Perl scripts. ActiveState has one in the works (in fact, it may even be out in a beta version by the time you read this).

I definitely recommend this kit for anyone who uses Perl for Windows NT. Those of you who operate under strict orders not to use free software will also benefit by being able to tell your boss that Perl is no longer a free download and that support for the kit is available through O'Reilly and Associates. So enjoy this late Christmas gift and happy scripting!"

--Mike McMillan Windows NT Systems Magazine, March 1999