Media praise for AOL in a Nutshell

This new book from O'Reilly finally provides the sort of information AOL users have been looking for. It is a true "soup to nuts" reference on AOL, covering both beginning and more advanced AOL features and functions.

AOL in a Nutshell begins with the basics of getting connected: from installing the AOL software (or how to get it if you haven't received one of the zillions of diskettes or CD-ROMs AOL has mailed out over the years), to setting up a new account, to understanding the toolbar features. It then describes how to use basic services like email, instant messaging and buddy lists, and how to access newsgroups, and chat forums.

It also contains sections on how to find information online, the basics of using the Web, and how to organize things like your personal filing cabinet or favorite places effectively. All of this information is invaluable to beginners, and is guaranteed to make a newbie's life on AOL much easier.

For the more advanced AOLer, there is a section devoted to becoming a "power user" by understanding and utilizing such things as keyboard shortcuts, Web publishing, Automatic AOL, and setting up Parental Control. More obscure subjects that are poorly documented like FTP, Telnet, and using alternative Web browsers are also covered here.

Both authors are experienced AOL users, who don't pussyfoot around what they see as the deficiencies in America Online, listing the pros and cons of various services (hopefully somebody in AOL management has a copy of this book). At $24.95, this book is far cheaper than other O'Reilly books-a smart move that will undoubtedly put it in the hands of many more keen AOL users.

This is a handy reference for any AOL subscriber who wants to get the most from the service. It's stay-flat binding makes it perfect for use beside the keyboard, and its concise style will make it the book of choice for many AOLers.

Many books on AOL aim too low, pandering only to rank beginners. The marketing blurb at the back of the books correctly states that it is "the first book to take AOL seriously." AOL in a Nutshell will satisfy new and experienced AOL users alike.

--Keith Schengili-Roberts TCP Online September 1998 Issue