Media praise for Learning Python

"There's 'Learning Python' by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, which is one of the best books for learning the language. It starts with the language basics, passes through object programming and winds up with some useful and instructive examples that demonstrate complicated application techniques. It also contains a good introduction a a cool version of Python implemented in Java called Jython."
--Mark Gibbs, "Network World," July 21, 2003

"If the language had manuals, they would undoubtedly be the texts from O'Reilly & Associates...'Learning Python' and 'Programming Python' are definitive treatments."--Andrew Binstock, SD Times, May 15, 2003

"Get the O'Reilly book 'Learning Python' by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, which will give you a good feel for the language and get you started if you want to learn it."
-- Jerry Pournell, March 4, 2002

"Without exaggeration, without hyperbole, without unfounded adulation I can honestly say that this book is one of the best computer language books I have ever read! I read this book cover to cover without becoming bored or lost. In fact, I read the first 80 pages in one sitting. The authors include enough information to be complete without making the chapters unbearably long. The beautiful thing about this book is that the authors strike a near perfect balance between providing useful examples and detailed explanations. Whether you are an experienced computer programmer or a complete novice, this book is perfect for learning the Python language. I would also recommend this book as a text for a course in object oriented programming. Mark Lutz and David Ascher allow the reader to have fun learning a new language. All computer books should strive to be as fun to read and informative as Learning Python."
--Andrew Morrison, CedarLug, July 2001

"If you don't already know Python I strongly urge you to buy this book and spend a few valuable hours correcting that. I do not think you will be disappointed."
--Francis Glassborow, ACCU

"Lutz and Ascher do a great job of walking beginners through the language. Too often, the "Common Mistakes" sections in programming books amount to nothing more than weak chapter summaries, but this isn't the case with the "Gotchas" section at the end of each chapter. Taken together, they're probably my favorite aspect of the book, second only to the chapter on classes, which did more to help me wrap my head around object-oriented programming than all of the chapters on "how to try to simulate OOP in a language to which some OOP functionality was tacked on as an afterthought" to which I've subjected myself over the past few years combined. After all, one of Python's biggest draws inasfar as attracting developers (and definitely the reason that I spent a weekend camped out with a stack of Python books) is the fact that the language was designed from the ground up with OOP in mind... yes, I love the book."
--Brian Donovan,, July 2001

"In the end, I felt that the second section had given me more than I expected (and more than one usually gets from a textbook), because it put me in touch with the modern use of Python and prepared me to continue the endless learning process the book is excellent in my overall opinion. This book is well-structured, concise, and practical and all you need to learn that fantastic language, Python."
--32bitsonline, Sept 1999

"The authors of Learning Python show you enough essentials of the Python scripting language to enable you to begin solving problems right away, then reveal more powerful aspects of the language one at a time. This approach is sure to appeal to programmers and system administrators who have urgent problems and a preference for learning by semi-guided experimentation."

"The computer book of the month is Mark Lutz's and David Ascher's Learning Python. This is a good general introduction, not only to Python, but to object oriented programming languages in general."
--Jerry Pournelle,, May 2001

Learning Python "coherent, well organized, and easy to read. I really appreciated the "gotcha" section, which covered the parts of the language that did not fit into a nice neat package."
--Reg Charney, ACC++ent, July 200

"an excellent introductory to intermediate book."
--Andrea Provaglio, Software Development, March 2000

"I enjoyed this book, and found it to be a much more accessible vehicle for learning python than anything else I've come across so far. It's small and focused, and has a couple of great sections at the end (like one on library modules) that begin to clue you in, in small ways, on how to go about doing real work with python. Recommended reading for budding python programmers."
--John Klassa, Raleigh Perl Mongers, June 2000

"If you're reading a computer text that has a lay-flat binding, chances are you're reading a book from O'Reilly. They have been producing quality texts using quality materials (like lay-flat bindings) and neat cover art for years now, and have made their mark on the computing world as a reliable producer of solid, readable, informative books. Learning Python is another such book. It was written by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, two Python trainers. They wrote the book entirely over the Internet--supposedly the authors have met in person only once. But physical separation did not prevent them from producing a fine book the book is excellent in my overall opinion. This book is well-structured, concise, and practical and all you need to learn that fantastic language, Python.."
--Jim Severino, 32bitsonline, Sept 13, 1999

"This is a GREAT book if you want to learn Python. It starts out easy and doesn't bog you down with concepts you don't need early on. It also makes a point of alerting you to "gotchas" that can trip up newbie Python programmers....I would go as far as to say it is perhaps the best written programming book I've ever read. The text isn't dry and techie, it's well written, quite funny in places and basically much lighter than some of the more depressing C texts I've read...Maybe it's the attitude behind the language, I don't know, but it seems like the authors actually had fun writing this book. They don't try to act as though learning Python is something elitist or clever like other books I've read. They tell you the facts and point out pitfalls. The entire book is written clearly and with terrific explanation...This is the best programming book I have read."
--Steve Coe, Canada Computes, Oct 2000

"If you want to learn the core Python language quickly, this may be your best bet. 'Learning Python' only covers the basics, but it is deep in information on what it does cover. Well written, understandable, and in a very logical arrangement, this book is densely packed with info.
As a newbie, I find myself coming back to this book over and over again. Because it is so deep in information, it is difficult to absorb all in one reading. Because it is so well written, it is a joy to read again to brush up on any topic. For an experienced programmer who is just learning Python, it may be possible to thoroughly learn everything about the core language in one reading of this book...At about $30, this book is a definite 'buy'."
--Python City