Media praise for Lingo in a Nutshell

"Once again, O'Reilly scores big with a comprehensive treatment of a programming language that doesn't spend much time teaching the fundamentals. Lingo in a Nutshell sets a benchmark for Lingo documentation that no other book or online resource meets." --David Wall, Jan 2000

"Lingo in a Nutshell is destined to be required reading for both new and experienced Director programmers alike. It provides comprehensive explanations of Lingo's structure and internals, and the tables and appendices offer vital reference data never before documented. A must-have for any serious or aspiring Lingo programmer." --Alex Zavatone, Head Linguist of DOUG ( and former Macromedia lead QA Engineer for Shockwave

"Covers detailed interactions and behaviors of the Lingo language that I have not seen in other books." --John Thompson, Inventor of Lingo

"Lingo in a Nutshell is an extremely comprehensive, industrial-strength reference for serious Director/Lingo developers and those that hope to attain that stage. Bruce Epstein's approach addresses critical (and often obscure to sublime) areas needed for developers to tackle real-world productions. It's at the top of my Director book heap." --Alan Levine, Manager of Direct-L and Maricopa's DirectWeb

" absolutely must buy this book. No matter what your experience level, this book is one that you will not only find yourself frequently using as a reference but also as a guide to exploring those parts of Lingo that you may not be familiar with. There really isn't a single book currently on the market that approaches the depth of content in LiaN. If you've been disturbed by the amount of quality, technical information available in most other Director books then fear not. LiaN is most assuredly a book for Lingo geeks or Lingo geek wannabes." --By Zac Belado and Cary Newfeldt