Media praise for Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference

"If you already have a solid base in HTML then this is the perfect book for you to learn DHTML... an excellent book for anyone who wants to take their Web site to the next level by adding DHTML. It's well organized and easy to read. A great resource for the beginner to the more advanced Web designer." --Linda Roeder, Guide for Personal Web Pages,

"Danny Goodman's comprehensive Dynamic HTML Definitive Reference, also from O'Reilly, is near-essential reading for those using Dynamic HTM." --Tim Anderson,

"Danny Goodman is a best-selling computer book author, and for good reason! His DHTML book is the best there is." -- Wendy Willard, A Web-Design Teacher's Recommended Reading List, May 2001

"Best of 2000: Computer Programming", Dec 2000

"If I were to chose just one book on HTML and JavaScript, I'd go for O'Reilly's Dynamic HTML; The Definitive reference. This provides a genuinely comprehensive overview of HTML, JavaScript, and style sheets. It is the most useful book I have come across." --PC Pro Dec 2000

"There is no substitution for a good DHTML specification, such as Danny Goodman's Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference." --Jennifer Bisk, Lotus Advisor, Feb 2001

Dynamic HTML Top Computer Books for 2000

Dynamic HTML Amazon "Customer Favorites" of 2000

Dynamic HTML " After testing tags and techniques on multiple releases of the main browsers, Goodman came up with very practical information--some of which you may not find in any other resource."-- Stephen Plain and Teri Kieffer,, July 2000

"After testing tags and techniques on multiple releases of the main browsers, Goodman came up with very practical information--some of which you may not find in any other resource." --Stephen Plain and Teri Kieffer,, July 2000

"A comprehensive source for virtually everything related to Dynamic HTML." --Michael Kleper, The Kleper Rpeort on Digital Publishing, August 1999

"This is another of those books that you will wonder how you lived without. Although not geared towards beginners, those with a little HTML experience will have no problem getting up to speed. O'Reilly has done it again, as DHTML: The Definitive Reference is another gold mine of Web development know-how." --Scott Clark,

"'s Bestselling Title of 1998 in the Category of HTML-Dynamic"

"Dynamic HTML :The Definitive Reference is a classic example of O'Reilly's expertise. The book explains every part of dynamic HTML more clearly than other books that I've read on the subject. The example code is quite clear and illustrations make the point after only a small bit of study. If you're an experienced Web master and are looking for help or a reference guide as to how HTML can be augmented with the capabilities of dynamic HTML this book is for you. This is a reference on steroids after a big meal." -- Mike Mogan New Media Review January 1999

"I've also been asked about the best books for JavaScript and DHTML. Finally, an easy question! No matter what other books you get, you must have these two: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition and Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (both from O'Reilly and Associates, 1998), You can't possibly imagine how shallow and incomplete other books are until you've read these." --David Methvin, Windows Magazine, December 1998

"Do you know the kind of gear head who spends their time opening the Mystery Science Theater Web page on three different browsers at once, checking and rechecking whether that rollover on Crow T. Robot really works? If this sounds like the computer enthusiast in your life, you can come to the rescue with Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, a perfect gift for anyone who wants to build cross-platform pages. Author and guru Danny Goodman explains how Dynamic HTML is supported in current browsers and discusses the compromises inherent in Web design today. An ultimate guide to DHTML, this gift will give your favorite gear head more time for the Sci-Fi Channel." --CNET Holiday Gift Guide December 1998

"Timely, comprehensive, and well organized, O'Reilly maintains a rigorous standard of excellence throughout their catalog...DHTML: The Definitive Reference is no exception, providing an exhaustive reference library of a critical web technology." --Aaron C. Lyon,, August 1998

"...If you or your company designs Web pages and needs to be up to date on all aspects of HTML, this is probably the book to get." --Art Edelstein,, Septebmer 1998

"...In clear, succinct O'Reilly fashion, this book describes the syntax and usage of each tag, object, method, and property that affects how documents look and behave. Goodman annotates each alphabetized entry, describing how to use each element and highlighting potential pitfills. Thorough treatment makes this book shine." --David Wall,, September 1998

"Finally, a tutorial/reference book for DHTML that shows how to create cross-browser/platform DHTML. Like O'Reilly's other fine Definitive Guides, the bulk of this 1000+ page book consists of DHTML reference material (HTML 4, DOM, CSS1/2, and core JavaScript). The reference pages show syntax, attributes, and NS4/IE4/CSS1/2 support for every entity, a real time-saver.

The beginning chapters offer an excellent introduction to the components of DHTML, and include a section on how to create a cross-browser API for easier cross-browser scripting." --From the WEBREFERENCE-UPDATE mailing list, available at: