Media praise for HTTP: The Definitive Guide

"Designing a new web application by referring to the RFC can be very time-consuming due to the sheer quantity of condensed information. Thankfully this book takes apart the specs and expands them into a more easily digested form...The book is well-written. Linux Format Rating: 8 out of 10."
--Maurice R Kelly, "Linux Format," April 2003

"If you want to learn more about HTTP, its core technologies, and the context in which it exists, this book will likely serve you well."
--George Woolley, Oakland Perl Mongers Group, Jan 2003

"An excellent text...I don't know of any other title that describes HTTP and related core technologies in such technical depth and is at the same time so readable...the writing is yet another example of technical communication at its best."
--Major Kearny, Book News, Jan 2003

"A thorough and 'reader friendly' introductory presentation of HTTP protocals...a wealth of development and applications tips, tricks, and techniques, as well as cogent strategies for optimizing proxies and caches, creating robots and web crawlers, crafting secure HTTP applications, and much, much, more...a highly recommended and truly extensive guide which packed with numerous and illustrative examples ideal for aspiring web programmers, administrators, and application developers."
--Library Bookwatch, January 2003