Media praise for DNS on Windows NT

"This fine volume should have a special place in the bookshelf of every webmaster with a Windows-based Web server. This is a comprehensive and highly comprehensible book on what can be a complex and confusing subject. Highly recommended."

"The majority of this excellent publication shows you how to acquire DNS software, and it leads you through installation and configuration requirements. From administrative duties to advanced features, you review monitoring and troubleshooting in a deployed DNS system."

"This book provides a well laid out overview of DNS and focuses on how it behaves on Windows NT. DNS on Windows NT walks you through the whole process from buying a domain name to setting up a windows NT DNS server and adding all appropriate records. This book makes an excellent desktop reference." --, March 2000

"The way I introduce this book in my classes now goes something like this: is a book you don't need to check out; you just need to buy it-- immediately..." --Ron Reck MSCE/MCT, Quickstart Technologies, San Francisco