Media praise for Advanced Breast Cancer:

"Real stories, well-researched advice and practical references that will be a lifeline for a growing group of patients, too often overlooked. Advanced breast cancer can and should be treated like a chronic disease -- when one approach fails, turn to others. [This book] should be part of every woman's treatment plan." --Amy S. Langer, Executive Director, National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)

"Musa Mayer has given us a gift that we have needed for a long, long time: an in-depth, truthful, personal, and informative resource about metastatic breast cancer. Advanced Breast Cancer is a major work that I believe will be as important to women with metatstatic breast cancer as Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book is to newly diagnosed breast cancer warriors." --Susan Claymon, Breast Cancer Action Newsletter

"Advanced Breast Cancer is an excellent book. It addresses the dual realities that people actually die of metastatic cancer and that there is much they can do to help themselves and one another live well with the full knowledge of this threat. If knowledge is power, this book will be good medicine." --David Spiegel, M.D., Author of Living Beyond Limits

"For years there have been so many requests for a resource book on metastatic breast cancer. Advanced Breast Cancer fills that void and does a wonderful service to thousands of women by giving them the resources they have been seeking, the support they need and the hope that research offers possibilities for a longer life.... The information on handling emotional issues, treatment options, side effects from treatment, and managing pain will be used as a resource bible on how to cope with metastatic breast disease for years to come." --Jane Rodney, Director, Breast Cancer Resource Center, YWCA, Princeton, NJ

"This excellent book deserves a place next to Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book on every breast-cancer patient's bookshelf. And it should be read by every doctor, nurse, radiation technologist or other professional who cares for cancer victims." --Mobile, AL Register, November 1998

"Musa Mayer is one of the most well known -- and respected -- voices in the breast cancer community, and I'm proud to say she has been a BCN Newsletter subscriber for over three years. So what better BCN Book Offering could I make than the second edition of her very popular Holding Tight, Letting Go, now called Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living With Metastatic Disease. This second edition, published in October 1998, has been updated with new treatment information and resources, and it is an excellent resource for patients and health professionals, as well as a reference work that should be in the library of every support group." --BreastCancer.Net Newsletter

"I saw your book mentioned in the breast cancer newsletter. I immediately ordered it from I have had a 'hole' in the information I have been able to research about breast cancer. I am constantly reading and searching the web... but no one talks much about when it recurs. You have filled that hole for me and even though it is painful and scary to think about a recurrence, it has also given me hope that if it happens to me or a friend I am now armed with new ideas and tools to deal with it. THANK YOU!" --Cindy Sadlowski