Media praise for Cancer Clinical Trials

"In this excellent book, Robert Finn offers an indispensable guide for the cancer patient who must negotiate many potential quagmires in first finding and then taking part in a clinical trial. I highly recommend this book as a first step in what will be for many a difficult, but crucially important, part of their struggle to beat their cancer. For despite all the obstacles, both individual patients and the medical establishment need clinical trials. They represent our only hope of overcoming the many aspects of the dreaded set of diseases we call cancer." --From the foreword by Robert Bazell, Chief Science Correspondent for NBC News and author of Her-2: The Making of Herceptin, a Revolutionary Treatment for Breast Cancer

"Research into the many forms of cancer has engendered a stream of clinical trials to test experimental drugs and other new treatments, yet only a small fraction of cancer patients is enrolled in these efforts. Fear and lack of information deter some potential participants. Doctors themselves may distrust trials and caution their patients against getting involved. In this clear account of the purpose and logistics of cancer trials, Finn gives readers the information they need to make their own careful decisions." --Science News

"Finn offers a thorough, thoughtful, and well-balanced look at an important topic not covered elsewhere. Recommended for public library and consumer health collections." --Library Journal