Media praise for JavaScript Application Cookbook

"Anyone interested in serious programming with Javascript should definitely consider 'Javascript Application Cookbook' by Jerry Bradembaugh. From the very first sample (Online Test), I knew this book would be teaching me a lot of new techniques...The best thing about the author's walk-through is that he tells you explicitly what is going on, and he offers ways to enhance each application. That's a must when you are looking for ideas from someone with as much knowledge as he has."
--Hawaii Cold Fusion & Macromedia User Group, June 2002

"the book attains the usual high standards of O'Reilly books with clear, entertaining writing and a good presentation. I found the examples interesting and enlightening and the book is a treasure trove of ideas and techniques."
--Robert Judd, Front Range Unix Users Group, 11 March 2002

"Up to speed with your JavaScript and just want some sophisticated code? The JavaScript Cookbook may be just the ticket. Author Jerry Bradenbaugh simply dishes up several tasty and sophisticated scripts to pick up and run with. He delivers some top-notch scripting, including an online testing program, a client-side search engine, a JavaScript shopping basket, context-sensitive help, and much more. Sidebars offer tips, tricks, and suggestions to help you become a true JavaScript guru."

"The 'JavaScript Application Cookbook' is jam full of awesome code examples of applications that every JavaScript programmer would be interested in developing. I have nothing bad to say about this book. I recommend this book to all JavaScript beginners who want to jump right into JavaScript and start developing killer applications right from the beginning and don't want to be bored to death with page after page of language syntax information. 10 out of 10."
--Robert Hurd,, May 2000

"Seasoned Java coders will find the 'JavaScript Application Cookbook' compiled just for them. Written in the same vein as the old-style programmer "toolbox" titles, this book sheds the usual tutorial presentation and simply introduces a series of JavaScript applications you can use on your own sites. If you're programming in JavaScript already and want to grow your arsenal of tools and techniques, the 'JavaScript Application Cookbook' is an immediate code fix."
--Stephen W. Plain

"Each chapter lays out the environment needed for the program, an outline of the structure, some JavaScript techniques that are used, and suggests some potential extensions, enhancements, or modifications you may wish to explore. The book is, of course, loaded with JavaScript code, but the author is careful to explain everything quite carefully. While it may not be a straightforward way to learn JavaScript from scratch, those who have got the basics can learn a lot about the language very quickly from this book."
--Robert M. Slade, Internet Review Project, May 2000

"a valuable learning tool and a quick way to update your website with new JavaScript programs"
--WritersWrite: the Internet Writing Journal, March 2000

"This book dishes up a tempting selection of ready-to-serve client-side JavaScript applications....Bradenbaugh takes a classic top-down approach to programming these more complex applications, complete with flow charts, code, comments, and illustrative techniques along the way that are applicable to all scripts." Nov 1, 1999

"This book provides ready-to-use applications that are of particular use for Web site development. These include capabilities such as a client-side search engine, on-line test administration, cookies-based user profiles, and more."
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Rpeort on Digital Publishing, Nov/Dec 1999

"JavaScript how-to books abound, but finding complete JavaScript applications in print or on-line is another matter. This book dishes up a tempting selection of ready-to-serve client-side JavaScript applications for Webmasters, suitable for solving common Web tasks. Bradenbaugh takes a classic top-down approach to programming these more complex applications, complete with flow charts, code, comments, and illustrative techniques along the way that are applicable to all scripts.

Topics include: client-side search engines and interfaces, test your JavaScript know-how quizzes, slide shows, a rollover generator, useful .js files (including array, cookie, DHTML, object, and string manipulation), cookie-based user preferences, shopping carts, ciphers, a drag-and-drop e-mail generator, and a context-sensitive help system. All the projects are ready to drop into your site for immediate use.

The code is clean, free, and mainly object-oriented. Where necessary, server-side CGI scripts are included. Recommended. A companion site is available at: "
--Andy King,

"If you want to soup up your Web site fast, check out 'Javascript Application Cookbook', by Jerry Bradenbaugh (O'Reilly & Associates). You'll find detailed, thoroughly explained JavaScript code for a whole batch of applications you've probably been meaning to implement. Some of them are darned big, up to several hundred lines long. That's bigger than most of what's normally done in JavaScript, but the apps still leverage all the advantages that make JavaScript so compelling. They're relatively simple, quick to develop and extend, benefit from widespread browser support, and offload work from your overtaxed server.

For instance, you'll find cookbook recipes for a client-side site search engine that provides robust search capabilities to your visitors. A slick, ready-to-roll shopping cart that creates product display pages on the fly, calculates tax and totals, checkout -- just about everything you'd hope a shopping cart would provide. An automated image rollover generator. A context-sensitive help system for your more complicated pages. JavaScript cookies that let you personalize your site with user preferences. An online multiple-choice exam engine. An interactive slide show. An application that searches multiple search engines at once -- a great tool for building your own personal portal. And more.

This isn't a beginner's book, but Bradenbaugh goes out of his way to explain what he's doing, why he's doing it, and how you can leverage the same techniques in other applications you create. If you use even one of these applications, this book will save you a fortune -- and even if you don't use any, you'll walk away with a much deeper understanding of JavaScript than you had before."
--Bill Canarda, editor

"The O'Reilly series of books has become know for it's very through presentation of complicated technology subjects. But it is the ability to communicate clearly on complex issues has made this series of books indispensable for those of us in the IS world. In my opinion this book, 'JavaScript Application Cookbook', has earned a place on the top shelf with other well-known O'Reilly books... There are some books you buy, read and then throw in the back of the garage. This book is collection of timely problem solvers that has earned a place on my desk as I develop my own web site."
--Robert Boyles, DFWUUG, Dec 2001