Media praise for DocBook: The Definitive Guide

"This book is indispensable...It is clearly written, and easily read."
--Stacey Falconer, The Greater Victoria Personal Computer Users' Association, June 2003

"In any case, if you are going to be writing with DocBook, you need this book. That's all there is to it. It's a top-quality reference, which is exactly what DocBook authors need."
--Linux Weekly News Feb 2000

"The Definitive, the only, DocBook Guide highly practical helps satisfy those in need of a practical reference guide to DocBook DTD." --Eugene Eric Kim, web techniques, July 2000

"DocBook is a powerful way to distribute books, both in traditional print and online. Provided you have some knowledge of SGML, anyone who makes use of the DocBook specification will benefit from this worthy reference. --Richard Dragan,, Feb 2000

"DocBook: The Definitive Guide lives up to its title--especially since there is little other documentation available for DocBook. It covers the complex DocBook specification and explains how to use related tools to work with DocBook publications. The majority of the book is devoted to a comprehensive reference of the format's elements. If you find yourself scratching your head about how to standardize a large collection of documents for both print and the Web, this title will give you a solid blueprint." --Stephen Plain,, January 2000

"This is an excellent reference for those using the DocBook DTD for print or online documentation." -- Writers Write: the Internet Writing Journal, March 2000

"an excellent reference for the DocBook DTD." --Linux Weekly News, February 16, 2000

"A hefty reference of DocBook Elements and Entities, with an emphasis on customization and configuration -- if you know what that means, you'll find this book useful. You may never use all of the information found here -- but if you're developing a customization layer, building style sheets, or just using DocBook to mark up your writings, you'll find this book invaluable." --chromatic,, March 16, 2000

"An excellent book"--Uche Ognuji, LinuxWorld, August 29, 2000

" 'DocBook: The Definitive Guide' is just that-everything you could want to know about DocBook, presented in a straightforward, concise manner. For someone in need of a DocBook book, this is the best choice." --Randy Reames, UnixReview,Dec 13,2001