Media praise for Programming PHP

"It's hard to imagine a better book"--David Harms, Clarion Magazine, Jan 2003

"A Bible, if you will."--Matthew Friedman, Computing Canada, Nov 15, 2002

"A great introduction to PHP. The chapters are well written with good examples that explain what is being discussed. The chapters are not written in a 'read one after the other' fashion, so you can easily go to the chapter you need information on and find what you are looking for...It is worthy to have on any PHP developers bookshelf. Recommended."
-- Kenneth Wilcox Boise Software Developers Group, Dec 2002

"A well-written, informative book."--Tommy Hugh Crenshaw, North Orange County Computer Club, Nov 2002

"Continuing the tradition of well written O'Reilly 'Programming' books by those who know the language best, 'Programming PHP', co-written by the creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf, provides a detailed overview of the popular PHP web-page scripting language. This book provides good programmers who have never used PHP enough information to do serious web development using PHP and serves as excellent reference for web-page designers who dabble in PHP...a great PHP book for serious programmers, good reference...I think this is a great book for programmers who want to start developing dynamic web sites with PHP. It gives a detailed overview of PHP, lots of valuable tips, and a good sense of PHP's strengths."--dooling,, September 12, 2002

"'Programming PHP' is a great overall reference for the fledgling dynamic Web developer....If you are just getting into the dynamic Web development world or you are considering migrating from another dynamic web product to PHP, 'Programming PHP' is the book of choice to get you up, running and productive in a short time."--Peter MacIntrye,, September 4, 2002

"Personally, I think the authors did a very credible job of creating a book that even a non- programmer can use to get started. If you don't know HTML, then yes, you need to get a book on that and get the basics down as this book won't help you there. But, if you can already build a web page, you can use this book to add PHP scripts to your web programming. The very first thing I noticed was that the authors don't seem to take themselves too seriously. The writing style is light and extremely easy to follow. The chapters are broken up logically so that experienced programmers can jump around and find the areas they need quickly, like Chapter 8, Databases. At the same time, novices (like me) can read the book from start to finish and build an understanding of the PHP language. One note, Chapter 6 has the clearest explanation of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) I've ever read. The light bulb finally came on and burned away years of accumulated dust."
--Jim Huddle, CompuNotes Issue #191

"The book is a useful and practical introduction for those who want to get started with PHP programming."
--Pete Hoyle, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, August 2002

"...a well formed and written book, with the 'typical' ORA feel to it--very clear and concise."
--Raymond Camden, Hampton Roads ColdFusion User Group, June 2002